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Sugar and Spoon: While this edible cookie dough shop isn’t technically ice cream, it falls along the same lines and it was too enticing not to try. The brownie batter definitely tasted like a brownie, which I liked. And as someone who enjoys eating cookie dough more than cookies, the chocolate chip dough was amazing. The dessert was very rich, though, so I was only really able to have a few bites before it was too much.  As a cookie dough lover, I definitely recommend this place— just don’t go if you have a full stomach.

I Scream For Ice Cream

By Abby Headstrom, Copy Editor
May 18, 2021
Cars lined up to drive at the autocross event held by the Porsche Club of America. Porsche Club Autocross events draw a wide range of cars, from a family commuter car, to a vehicle able to set track records across the world.

Warming Up The Tires

By Aidan Lee, Photo Editor
April 4, 2021
Here I am at Trader Joe’s in the snacks aisle. I am deciding which chips to purchase and review, given all the options.

Try This, Not That

By Anika Shashidhar, Managing Editor
March 10, 2021
Where to Wander

Where to Wander

By Matthew Sage, Photo Editor
March 9, 2021

Halloween In Quarantine

By Sydney Gleason, Reporter
October 29, 2020
Seniors Ben Tratt (right) and Paige Welikson (left) celebrate senior spring by greeting students and faculty as they arrive at school. “We all made a tunnel, and everyone was screaming. My favorite part was how hype everyone was while spreading school spirit,” Tratt said.

Seniors Through the Years

By Jerome Todd, Reporter
May 17, 2020
A man playing Minecraft in a dark room. (Alexander Kovalev/Pexels)

What to Do During Quarantine

By Theo Mahlum, Business Manager
May 17, 2020
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