Fish Are Friends

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Fish Are Friends

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…and yummy food for Annie and Hannah to enjoy

On a frigid December night, we ventured to a corner in Wallingford, where Musashi’s, a small, hole-in-the-wall sushi restaurant resides.

We had checked the restaurant’s hours before arriving, and Musashi’s was supposed to open at 5 p.m.. Thinking we could beat the crowd, we got there at 4:55. However, we were surprised to find the restaurant already packed with people and the line overflowing out the door. We got our name on the list and prepared to wait. At one point, we were so cold that we considered leaving, but Annie insisted we stay. One of the waitresses then handed us a menu so we could place our order. The menu was different from most sushi restaurants. There were no typical rolls, like a spider or dragon roll, except for the California roll. We were a little confused about what to order but eventually made up our minds. After about 40 minutes, our names were finally called.

Since we had ordered while we stood outside shivering among the other people in line, our first dish was placed in front of us right as we were seated. We started out with a cold bowl of edamame, which was strange as we had both only enjoyed edmame hot before. Our miso soup, on the other hand, was piping hot.

Next, a huge platter of sushi arrived in front of us. We ordered a California roll, an avocado roll, a spicy tuna roll, and an unagi roll. The California was bigger than the rest of the rolls and therefore, hard to pick up with chopsticks (for Annie, at least). The avocado rolls were creamy and delicious, definitely worth the wait. The spicy tuna rolls were mouthwatering, but not very spicy. We scarfed down the Unagi rolls so quickly that we ended up ordering another plate of them.

The best part of our experience was when Annie dropped a California roll on the ground and it rolled under the couple’s table next to us.

Grade: A-

By: Annie Cohen and Hannah Zundel-Davis