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Executive Intentions

The new ASB leaders set goals for next year

Every year, students across the upper school run for a chance to be on the Associated Student Body’s executive board. This year, candidates Huda Hassan, Kori Billingslea, Annika Brown and Tyson Scott were elected to serve. However, winning the election is just the first step for the year ahead.

One of the challenges that these execs will face is implementing new ideas at the school. Sophomore and future president Huda Hassan expresses her initiatives for when she gets into office.

“I really want to create a system where the students give ASB feedback,” Hassan said. “My intentions for my time in ASB is to make people feel that there is a change in UPrep; that they’re capable of making change.”

Junior and future ASB Exec Tyson Scott feels that to make change happen, ASB needs to have more freedom with what it can do. 

“The school can be very scared about things, and that makes it hard for us to plan fun things,” Scott said, “that makes it harder for students to get interested.”

Student engagement is also a concern in junior and future ASB Exec Annika Brown’s mind. 

“I think a lot of people act like the reason they don’t have fun is because, you know, student government isn’t putting in enough work,” Brown said. “But at the same time, like I do wish they would bring a more positive attitude.” 

However, student spirit is not solely the responsibility of the ASB Executives. Junior and future vice president Kori Billingslea thinks that a current issue that needs to change in the ASB is the grade representatives’ work.

“I think grade reps could be involved more,” Billingslea said. “This year, I felt like I didn’t have much to do as a grade rep which is another reason why I wanted to try and be an exec so I could be more involved.”

Upper schoolers voted for the executives to represent the student body. As president, Hassan believes that she has a duty to offer a helping hand to her peers. 

“I really want to make change in the prep community that will help benefit my peers, and that will help uplift them,” Hassan said. “I also want them to know that they have a fellow student and friend by their side during these hard times.”

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Manola Rubiralta
Manola Rubiralta, Reporter
Manola Rubiralta is a reporter on the staff of the Puma Press. She is a sophomore, and is very excited to be a new part of the staff this year! Manola loves to write about stories that usually go unnoticed within the community. Her favorite part of journalism is the way that she can help bring the truth to the community. Her passions include musical theater, singing, baking, and community service.