The Socioeconomic Struggle

In a world where more and more people are pushed to the edges of the financial hierarchy, many feel themselves finding a barrier with their peers who come from different socioeconomic groups. Many of the most popular activities University Prep students partake in, such as skiing, snowboarding, equestrianism and so on, are not accessible to many middle and lower income students. In a scholastic environment where extracurricular activities are becoming more and more important, how can UPrep ensure there is no class discrimination?

While some privileged students may argue  that many extracurriculars that entice colleges are free, many are not known by all students. Students should have more publicized opportunities, so that they may be able to research things that interest them. UPrep should increase talks of summer programming for students so that they are more aware.

Athletics are also a useful stepping stone on a student’s pathway to college, but many travel sports and competitive teams come with a heavy price. Club soccer is a popular sport that many at UPrep play. According to their website, Seattle United, a popular team, has program costs of upwards of $1,000, with some reaching over $3,200. Aid is available for those who require it, but some are not aware when first looking at sports to play, and are turned away by the sticker price. Some sports camps are also inaccessible to students who require aid. Sports camps affiliated with NCAA organizations cannot give any aid.

For example, according to their website, the University of California Berkeley, which holds many sports camps, may not give any financial aid without harming their NCAA status.

There are many activities which may interest UPrep students, who do not have the opportunity to access. Sports like lacrosse are popular amongst many students, but inaccessible to many as well. Through clubs, students can be introduced to playing such sports, and can be great opportunities for many to gain experience they wouldn’t have otherwise.

As a school devoted to prepare students for the college application process, UPrep should seek to share more about programs that all students can attend.