Growing through Graduation

Senior David Baylor reflects on the college application process


As the college cycle is finishing up, many seniors are beginning to hear back from the colleges they spent the fall and winter applying to. Senior David Baylor is finally starting to see the effort he put in, pay off.

“The college process was a good experience for me,” Baylor said.

Baylor learned many things during the process, which will aid him, for the rest of his scholarly career.

“Being forced to think critically and explain what I wanted to do, actually made me rethink some of my plans,” Baylor said.

Baylor has heard back from all his colleges but is waiting to finalize a decision.

“I am currently still deciding where I want to go, I have heard back from all of my colleges at this point, and have some good options I am excited about,” Baylor said. “I am collecting a little more information and waiting to get some more questions answered before I make my final decision.”

Baylor is looking forward to attending college and seeing what the application process has taught him.

“As I have gone through the admissions process, I have grown to appreciate it more,” Baylor said. “I feel as though I will ultimately benefit from the lengthy admissions prosses once I am on campus surrounded a diverse group of motivated likeminded students.”