Preparing for the Next Chapter

Leaving home is a thought that sparks various emotions within students and families alike. Packing up from your childhood home and embarking on a journey into unknown territory is nerve-wracking, exciting, and everything in between. To make this an easier experience, college counselors Kelly Herrington and Britten Nelson hosted a College Transition Program and Countdown to Graduation event on Wed Mar 9 to begin talking about this transition. 

“I have been doing this event for 18 years and it is strategically planned in March,” Herrington said. “We always like to do it at this time of the year when a lot of college decisions are unfolding to reframe that the conversation is not simply about outcomes.”

With seniors awaiting regular decision results, Herrington emphasizes that it is important to remember that college is about what you do there, not what a college does to you.

“We firmly believe in the adage of blossom where you are planted,” Herrington said. “Success in life is not contingent upon attending one particular university as there are lots of great universities. It is about asking the critical questions as you are making your final decision.”

Herrington believes that it is best to begin preparing to leave as early as possible to ensure that you feel ready once the time comes. 

“You need to think about your study habits, you need to think about how you are signing up for classes. Research shows that when you’re in college and you’re involved in an activity, you are going to be happier and more successful,” Herrington said. “I feel like our success as a college counseling office is about how students do once they are in college.”