Winter Intensive Field Trips

Pumas travel throughout Seattle


Photo: Emily Wang

Spanish A intensive boarding a Puma Bus to go to Plaza Latina

Over intensives, classes went on a variety of field trips to many different places throughout Seattle. 

“My thought was that it would be fun to take the students off campus,” UPrep dance teacher Jess Klein said. 

Klein teaches the Choreography intensive, and she took her class on a field trip to the dance studio All That Dance on Thursday during the first week of intensives.

“They have a really amazing curriculum where they follow a concept called the brain dance, and the students all took a masterclass in the brain dance,” Klein said.

Klein has taught dance at UPrep for 15 years, and she has taken a previous intensive class to the All That Dance field trip once before. She also likes bringing her students to see experienced dancers, which is special for her because she is familiar with a few of the groups.

“I really love connecting worlds and bringing new people into communities, so going to see professional dances is really fun with my students.” Klein said.

Other intensives have also gone on field trips farther away from UPrep, such as the Chinese A intensive, which went to Chinatown on the first week of intensives.

“We went to a lot of different stores,” sixth grader Jayme Gao said. “And we played a game where we had to find specific things that were under five dollars.”

Field trips longer than half a school day cut into lunchtime, so students either bring their own or teachers will plan for something different. 

“We each got a lunch there- it was Chinese-themed, and it was really good,” Gao said.

Seventh grader Keylly Garcia-Garcia is currently in the Graphic Novel intensive, which visited various places in Pike Place Market during the second week of intensives. 

“One of the places that stood out to me was the gum wall,” Garcia said. “Even though it was a little gross, we were able to draw perspective. There were a lot of signs and windows and I think getting to draw that way can really help us.” 

However, some aspects of the field trip weren’t as exciting or interesting  for Garcia, including the amount of drawing that each of the students were assigned.

“Because we draw everyday, and we all probably drew around twenty drawings. I think we should have only done a couple, like maybe 5 drawings or so about different things,” Garcia said. “And I think mostly everywhere you went in the market was kind of the same, so I guess that didn’t help with the drawing. But overall, I think it was really fun.”