Your Safety at UPrep

What is UPrep doing to keep its students and athletes safe.


Photo: Will Madrid

Automated external defibrilators in the gym, near Founders Hall, in the Administrative Building and in the Classroom Building.

After the recent and terrifying mid-game collapse of professional football player Damar Hamlin, UPrep students may be wondering what the school is doing to keep its students safe.

Fortunately, the school is well prepared and is ready to respond in case of an emergency both on and off the field. All UPrep teachers are CPR and first-aid certified and are also trained to use defibrillators. There are also people trained on all field trips, as well as in before and after school programs.  Additional safety is provided by  crossing guards during, before, and after school, as well as people to direct the flow of cars near the school.

 There are five defibrillators around campus and they are located in hallways for easy access. The defibrillators are marked in white cases on the wall with clear doors and have a sign that reads AED (automated external defibrillator). There is one in every building on the main floor including the gym. There is also one in the weight room, as well as in the main office. 

For sports, all UPrep coaches are also certified in CPR and first aid. In addition, “There’s also a defibrillator that goes with athletic teams sometimes,” said Martin Pawlina, Head of Safety. “Every coach is required to carry a medkit with them,” said Johnathan Kim,

Assistant Director of Athletics. 

Coaches are also told where the nearest defibrillator is in case of emergency. For additional safety, profiles on every athlete with their allergies and other facts about their

health are available to coaches  in case a student is injured. 

This information can also help if an EMT needs to be called because it can give the EMT vital information to help anyone who is hurt. If the emergency occurs on Dahl Field where an AED is needed and there is not one on the field, “There is one in the office.” Nia Nez UPrep trainer.

There has only been one incident at UPrep where the staff administered CPR and implemented their training, “I believe the training paid off,” said Pawlina.  The students acted quickly and alerted staff and CPR was administered. The student lived and was able to recover.