Let’s get the snow on the road

Students ride ski bus and share their opinions


Photo: Preston Guy

This is a picture of Stevens pass

This year, UPrep is having 4 ski bus trips starting January 23rd and ending on March 20th at Stevens pass.

Lots of people are looking forward to it “I thought it would be a fun experience and it will be interesting,”  eighth grader Dev Parikh said.He was one of 135 people who did ski bus last year and had a good time.

Lots of people are sad that the ski bus isn’t on friday’s. Before covid, they went every Friday.

“I wish we weren’t doing it only on days we don’t have school,” said eighth grader Arin Sahasrabudhe.

Transportation manager Andy Richardson explained why they are doing it that way.

“It’s just the school keeps growing. We’re going to have 100 more students. It’s not really logistically possible to keep going on Friday nights.” Richardson said. “We also went ahead and we looked at what our peer schools are doing. So Seattle Academy, Bush, Bear Creek, etc. And nobody is going on Friday nights anymore.”

The trip is a short amount of time. Most of the time is spent on the bus, usually around two and a half hours. The kids who have to rent gear will take a while because there’s so many people trying to get it and they won’t get on the slopes for a while.

Andy Richardson explains the future of the program and why they are trying to simplify it.

“We’re trying to think of ski bus to keep the program going long term. It’s got to change like a lot of things are going to change as the school gets bigger and what I could see happening in the future as I was going on the weekend, like on a Saturday or Sunday, and maybe going a lot more times. But we would go on days where we don’t have school because that is going to make it easier to run the program.” Richardson said.

Ski bus is going January 21, February 21, and March 20 to Stevens pass.