Ingraham Strong

Seattle Public School students fight for gun safety at a city-wide rally

After a 17-year-old student was shot and killed at Ingraham High School, students led a city-wide walkout and rally against gun violence on Nov 14. 

Ingraham High School Senior Sam Reinfried was in the hallways when the shots occurred and rushed into the security office.

“I remember the moment when I realized what was happening was real and I’ve never felt such a shock in my body,” Reinfried said.

After the incident, students at Ingraham High School organized a city-wide walkout and gun rally. When Reinfried attended, he felt empowered by the crowd and various speeches.

“It was really amazing to see so many people gathered in the same place all angry about the same issues and wanting to make a difference,” Reinfried said. “I’m grateful I was able to participate and show that I do care about issues like gun violence and gun control that were at the center of the walkout.”

I remember the moment when I realized what was happening was real and I’ve never felt such a shock in my body.

— Ingraham High School Senior Sam Reinfried

Hundreds of students gathered at the Seattle City Hall demanding action against gun violence, including Junior Ashley Pablo-Trujillo. 

“I know that strength is in numbers, so by showing up I believe I was able to contribute to a solution,” Pablo-Trujillo said.

Pablo-Trujillo attended the rally to support her friends that attend Seattle public schools and advocate for a cause she believes in.

“Oftentimes we don’t fight for issues that might not directly apply to us or be a pressing issue in our community because ‘it’s not our problem’ which I disagree with,” Pablo-Trujillo said. “I think once a human right gets negatively affected it automatically becomes everyone’s problem.”

Following the incident, Seattle Public Schools released a statement sharing resources for students and additional security measures that they hope to implement.

“During times of need, each of us is challenged to be there for one another,” Interim Chief of Staff Bev Redmond wrote. “Let us try to give grace when we can, knowing that others may be struggling in unseen ways.”

At the rally, Ingraham students presented their demands, including increased security and mental health aid.

“No one deserves to be scared to go to school,” Pablo-Trujillo said. “The right to education in a safe environment is essential.”