Fantasy Football For The Win

Students take the National Football League into their own hands


Photo: Eliza Barton

Students watch football together waiting to see how their team will do this week. Senior Haley Hoffman likes how fantasy football is a way to keep up with friends outside of school. “It’s a really good way to connect with friends,” Hoffman said.

As the peak of football season approaches mutters about the recent game are heard throughout the halls. Many of University Prep’s students play Fantasy Football, which runs alongside professional football from September to January. 

Fantasy Football is an online game in which you draft and manage your own football team. Throughout the season you play other members in your league and get points based on how your ‘team’ does. 

According to Bleacher Report within Fantasy Football, there are various different companies that run leagues, the main ones being ESPN, Yahoo, FanDuel, CBS Sports, and NFL.

Senior Zack Lagunoff has been playing Fantasy Football since 4th grade and still enjoys it.  

“The draft which is when you get all your players is super fun,” Lagunoff said. “The best part is hanging out with your buddies.”

Fantasy football is often a popular fall activity as it is a way for people to compete against their friends and keep up with their favorite football teams. 

“Fantasy gives people a reason to root for specific players or teams so it means that there’s always something that you can watch,” Lagunoff said. “There’s also usually money or passion on the line, so there’s more incentive for you to get to see your friends.” 

Senior Haley Hoffman is also playing fantasy football, however, this is her first year.

I’m losing really bad so far. I didn’t know what out-of-season or auto-draft meant and I didn’t know that you didn’t need multiple kickers,” Hoffman said. “Our league’s rule was that we weren’t allowed to look up players or ask for help, so none of us really understand what is going on.”

Graphics: Emma Serralles

Hoffman also likes how fantasy football is a way to keep up with friends outside of school.

“It’s a really good way to connect with friends. I might not be the best person at it because I have been busy with other things, but it is still fun,” Hoffman said. 

Junior Wynne Johnson is her league’s manager and thinks that fantasy is a way for people to get more involved in football. 

“I think that people like fantasy football because it makes them feel like they’re on the field,” Johnson said. “A lot of people like watching football, so I think that they also like having like a player in the game because it’s something else to root for.”

Another tradition of fantasy football is a punishment for losing the league at the end of the season. 

“The punishment gives people incentive to try and it keeps the integrity,” Lagunoff said. 

Most leagues have a punishment of some sort. 

“Our league’s punishment is to perform at Music Day,” Johnson said. 

While some leagues punish losers by changing their appearance, other leagues try to have a punishment a little less permanent. 

 “In our league, we all get to dress up the looser using clothes we all pick out,” Hoffman said. “We all agreed to do something that would be fun for everyone but still be a good punishment. 

“I like that it’s competitive with friends,” Johnson said. “It’s still fun and not overly high stakes.”