Senior Wills 2022

Oliver Litton: 

Jack Basinski : As bestowed upon me by Joseph, I pass down the title of Lead Pianist

Ben Reichert: A French dictionary

Sam Wheeler: An intact Tenor case

Hannah Walsh: 

Connor Walsh: I leave you my haunted Furby.

Gia Breuder: I leave you the coffee in the teacher’s lounge, if you are brave enough to take it.

Dante Breuder: I leave you a parking spot, but you’re gonna need to fight for it because people steal it all the time.

Carolyn and Alice: I leave you joint custody of Connor. Good luck.

Emerson Sonoda: 

Kelton: I leave every test quiz and final exam I’ve ever taken (true) and patience for yourself as you get through these next 3 years.

Sid: I leave my passion for ethics bowl please take it (and the club).

Claire, Wynne, and Nava: I leave the homework pass as it was left to me last year, get it passed so it doesn’t end up here again next year.

Katherine: I give you APISU. Congrats. Also a mock trial rules of evidence packet

Owen Swardstrom: I leave my exploding cups

Landry: I leave my ability to end a solo in a timely manner

Jack Basinski: I leave my ability to not interrupt somebody’s solo. Kellen: I leave you patience as you explain to Chase how to play quietly.

Chase: I leave 1 dig dig monocle and patience for your next four years of jazz band and all of the young drummers that come along with it.

Sam: I leave my good sleep habits. Consider using them for senior year.

Katherine March: 

Alice Kauffman: I leave you sole custody of the children

Joel Sohn: I leave the voice of morals in my head, since I apparently do not listen to them

Ashe Tanemura: I leave to you the title of CakMobile. Not my car, the title

Cora Reese: I leave you the ability to use your height in ultimate. Jump, I believe in you

Walker Britton: I leave you common sense and restraint, please use them

Marina Hao: I leave my knowledge of volleyball rotations, good luck

Eleanor Karis-Sconyers: 

Ms. Howe: I leave all of the overdue homework I never handed in, sorry about that

Alice Kauffman: I leave behind my supply of ibuprofen, may it provide endless headache relief to all your friends

Kellen McHugh: I leave the first trumpet line. I’m sure you’ll do great

Jane Scroggs: 

Moe, Dux, Schneider, Moses: Thank you. You seriously made my high school experience and I could not be more grateful for you. GO PUMAS!

Eliza Barton: As my honorary little sister, I leave you the Scroggs last name. Hope you follow me to college too 😉

Payton Habel: PUMA SPIRIT. Keep it up girl.

Charlotte Pozil + Megan Bolger + Kathrine Jackson + Paige Thoreson: UPVGB. An Emerald Sound Championship. The legacy. Let’s go.

Sophia Spagnola: UPVGB star point guard, you’re gonna kill it YAYYYY BALL OUT

Rian Fitzpatrick: Knock some people over for me. Future league MVP, you heard it here first.

Ethan Matsubayashi: Chinese class. You’re a menace. Don’t make Yang Lao Shi quit.

Mira Brown: 

Coleman Hunter and Sydney Goitia: The entire Theatre department is now in your hands. rip to you both

Nava, Tyson, Jack, Rory and the Mahoney Sisters: CARRY ON THE TRADITION or I WILL come back and haunt you

Ellie Assadi: lol bae

Julie Smith: Thank you for letting me cry in your office on the regular and making me feel sane every once in a while. Wishing for the day where the ghost in your office wall will go and haunt another room.

Jess Klein: Thank you for being my safe space at this school. You don’t know how much I appreciate your presence. Keep on sparkling. Katherine Kang: the spanish classwork

Hebaq, Juweriya and Ilhan: Wishing you good times, good grades and friends that aren’t seniors 🙂

The boys in the diversity office: yes I did hear that convo that one time and yes i did tell your sisters.

Wynne and Alexa: Thank you for hyping up my outfits every time I walk into the dressing room it really does make my day

Blok and Fleming: Thank you for everything you’ve done and for really seeing me for me.

Ms Kim-Davis: literally dystopian was the best class I took at UPrep and made me think harder about everything. thank you.

The entire History department (yes middle and high school): You are all amazing and I am so so sorry for being that one student that over-contributed. I appreciate you

Cade Evered: 

Ty Talbot: I leave my movie vault. Email it around for me will ya. But for real you’re an inspiration and an amazing teacher. Good luck following up my speech at graduation.

Sean Patella-Buckley: I leave my Star Wars novel that I wrote in fifth grade. Publish it and use the money to start a board game company.

Ciara McGrath: My trick deck. It’s about time you learn some magic yourself. Thank you both for being the best advisors.

Julie Smith: My Mama Mia audition tapes. Thank you both for being the best advisors.

Scott Collins: My Curtis Evered ID card.

Leah Griffin: This book I borrowed from the library in seventh grade. Never read it but I’m sure it was great.

Kayla Robertson: Thank you for being the best coach ever. Run like I’m chasing you!

Haley Hoffman: I wish I could give you a boat or something. The Vice Presidency will have to suffice. Good luck Huffay.

Sophie Angiulo: Raj.

Landry Ellis: The puma of the week rap and Joe Hyatt’s contact information.

Ashutosh Thapa: My brain.

Leo Goldes and Jack DiGiuseppe: The whole school. You guys are going to be running it one day.

Taulby Roach: The stump findings and the rights to our monster universe.

Eli Todd-Taraday: I wish I could give you an even bigger boat. But my ticket to Ragnarok will have to do.

Leo Kaplan: A pair of clean socks.

Word count sucks. If you’re reading this, I’m going to miss you dearly.

Mattias Keauni: 

Ty: Thank you for the BEST advisory! I will always remember the intense games of ping-pong (on the best table too). Good luck with my little brother if you get him!

Britten: Thank you so much for all the college help. It was a crazy year applying but you helped make it possible and exciting. Good luck with the class of 2023!

Matt: Thank you for being an AWESOME teacher and supporting me throughout highschool. Environmental science and physics were no doubt some of my favorite classes.

Kayleigh: A&P was a 10/10 class and so much fun. Great first year at UPrep and keep up the awesomeness

Martin Pawlina: Thank you for single handedly saving the parking lot

Dr. N: You have the absolute best math classes

Mr. Peabody: ^ you do too

Mark and Mike Ball: Thank you guys for being unbelievable coaches. 4 absolute great years on the court

Boys Tennis Team: Sorry I had to get injured 🙁 Great season and I’ll try to pull up to the games next year.

Carter Cast: It was super fun to play doubles at the end and play some great games at districts. Keep the team in good shape and keep taking Ws next season.

Eleanor Mobley:

Mock trial: redemption at state (and dawn & pat take care of them)

Paige Thoreson: math notes

Katherine Jackson: top tier course advice

Sophie Ziedalski: my jacket

Priya Dudley: nothing

Trig nerds: continue the trig nerds legacy. Buy the hoodies

Charotte Pozil: credit for my parking

Katherine Kang: a tea party

Haley Hoffman: a lane babe

Emma Serralles: track snack duty

Payton Habel: honorary 6th period free member

Mr. Chestnut: a brain break

Foster Hicks:

Daniel Chestnut: Best math teacher out there.

Sinclaire Hicks: Get better at driving.

Coach Johnson: Should’ve let me shoot more threes.

Lincoln Ferguson: 

Moses: Thank you for being an exceptional advisor and always making checkins enjoyable!

Kim: Thank you for making advisory even better than before and integrating so quickly when you first joined!

Ms. PB: Thanks for making chemistry a blast!

Dr. N: Thank you for making math actually enjoyable.

Wilson Ferguson: Don’t fail…

Harry Bloom: 

Ms. Rivera: Thanks for taking over our advisory and bringing the energy (and snacks)!

Sid R and Josh Yi: Lead Model UN well. It’s all yours.

Leah and Sadie: I leave you the punch card in the car for that boba place in Greenlake. Do your homework, and use symbolab before you call me about it.

UPVBT: Had a great time watching the team improve. Let’s beat .500 next year. Special thanks to Tias’ mom for the snacks and Will for securing those doubles dubs with me– Don’t aim at anyone next year.

Kelly: Can’t thank you enough for hounding those colleges for me. Really. And for being there for me during a pretty —- stressful time.

Ms. Howe: Thanks for making calc 2 easy to learn in.

Charles Luu: Hello Charles. Mark Ball: I’m playing club tennis in college because of you. Thanks man.

Ms. McGrath: It was great having someone to talk Leafs with for four years. Hopefully we’ll get em this year (and if not, next).

Mr. Toribio: Thank you for helping me learn how to succeed as a student in middle school and beyond.

Tessa Peterson: 

Annabel and Annie: pre-game volleyball aux

Eleanor Bernard: 

Ty: without you I wouldn’t have had my experience at Oxbow, or the confidence I have in my art and myself today. Thank you for everything. I will miss the art room, your music and you very much.

Ms. Gonzales: thank you for making me feel heard in class and introducing me to books that will stay with me for a long time. And thank you for helping me write my college essay!

Mr. Chestnut: thank you for your encouragement and patience in math and for your help keeping the JCAC running.

Mr. PB and Ms. Lydeard: thank you for being great advisors! I will miss getting competitive during our jeopardy games.

Mira Hinkel: thanks for turning around each time Stella and I whispered for help in French. Good luck in senior year!

Carmel Bollag: make sure the JCAC stays cool. Thanks for making Physics less painful 🙂

Mia Predmore: thanks for making me jealous about your harry tickets. Have a great senior year!!

Andrew Bell:

Elizabeth Bell: a Puma that can actually dance and do tricks

David Baylor and Komathi Anand: the dream of an actual robotics team that builds actual robots

Myles Gray: I hear that you’re the new booth guy so good luck with slides emailed 1 minute before assemblies

The 6th graders with trumpet concerts on the bus: one fewer audience member 🙁

Parisa Harvey: 

Annabel: UPVGVB

Ethan and Sydney: The Puma Press!!! Go win that Pacemaker, I believe in you.

Ms. Yuan, Julia, Max, Ellie, Beruk, Claire: be bold and speak up. I am so inspired by each of you.

Scott: 15 teams messages the night before press.

Ms. McGrath: thank you for everything + diet coke.