Protect Roe

Abortion rights are under attack. If Roe v. Wade is overturned millions of women and people with uteruses could be forced to endure pregnancies against their will. This opinion will reverse almost 50 years of abortion protection.

Abortion impacts everyone. Reproductive healthcare touches each of us, regardless of gender, so we are all responsible to take action.

We are lucky to live in a state that codified abortion access in 1991. And for most of us at University Prep, abortion will still be an option if needed. Economic and geographic privilege is in our favor. People from lower-income, LGBTQ+ and communities of color will be hardest hit if Roe is overturned.

Despite this, we will absolutely be impacted and access could be limited, as thousands will come to Washington for abortion procedures.

The Guttmacher Institute estimates there will be a 385% increase in women who need abortion services who will travel to Washington for care. This surge will overwhelm abortion clinics and doctors in Washington making it harder for all of us to seek care.

However, some states have even threatened abortion travel bans. According to the  ​​Guardian, this would mean out of state patients seeking abortions in Washington could be criminalized in their home states after the procedure. For seniors attending colleges in states set to overturn Roe, this is a grim possibility.

Overturning Roe will pit red and blue states against each other, and women seeking an abortion will pay the price. These attacks will not stop with Roe. Abortion pills for early-term pregnancy and contraception could be next.

Reversing Roe is outrageous and disturbing. Abortion is healthcare. While our actions cannot overturn a SCOTUS ruling, our voices do have power. We can encourage lawmakers to pass laws to codify abortion and protect choice.