Kyan’s Presidential Goals

Here’s the deal: when I found out I was elected, I couldn’t believe it. Did the high school just vote for a rising junior as their leader? Eventually though, it set in and I thought I’d get right to work. I pulled out every yearbook I have and read through them all. I was trying to remember a year when UPrep students had never heard of COVID-19. These traditions that give UPrep its identity have been locked away for so long that most of us have never heard of them before. My goal for next year is to help the school reconnect with its past and prepare for our new future.

I’m excited to get back to a school that’s going to be different. When the bell rings on the last day of school, I know the one thing you won’t be looking forward to in the next three months will be the return to campus. But can I let you in on something weird? I’m excited to get back in September.     

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s not because I miss the math homework (trust me on that). Over the summer your execs are going to work to create a new identity for UPrep. There’ll be more events and activities than you’ve seen before. Our campus might look like a work in progress, but our Puma school spirit will be stronger than ever.

Haley, Katherine, Alexa and I are some of the most passionate and driven people to be in this position. I’m already so proud of and blown away by the ideas we’ve generated and the commitment we’ve all shown. It may sound like we’ve got a whole lot of work to do, but with a group as hard-working as this, I have nothing but the confidence we can get it all done.

Every one of us needs to thank Abby, Cade, Theo and Haley for the time and dedication they put into this year. They didn’t get dealt the best hand, but these execs overcame every obstacle and put you and the school first the entire year. I know we have some big shoes to fill, but we’re up for the challenge.

Can I ask a special favor of you? When you come back to school in September, bring your excitement. Be excited to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. Be excited to get out to a tailgate, participate in an assembly and get back to the UPrep you love.