Abby’s Final Address

Pumas, we made it. For the first time in three years, we made it through a whole year of in-person school. Yes, this year was challenging — from ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines and even a power outage day— and I am sorry that, despite our return to school, we could not host the same in-person ASB traditions that we are used to.

However, looking back now, I can genuinely say that I am proud of each and every member of our community. We faced challenges head-on, and we grew, persevered and learned. We celebrated together with three — soon to be four — in-person dances, cheered each other on at sporting events, engaged in important LEAD conversations and broke ground on the new ULab building.

One of my favorite — and proudest — memories this year was when a referee at one of the varsity boys basketball games turned to our fan section and let us know that this was one of the best-attended games he had seen in a long time.

This year, we showed up for our fellow Pumas.

Part of me wishes I could say it was all me, that the hours planning assemblies, dances, dress up days and activities are what made our community so strong. But I know that this University Prep community is so much more than just one person, one executive committee or one year.

As I move on from my role as president and this seven-year chapter of my life at UPrep, I want you to know each and every one of you plays a vital role in keeping this place special.

Keep showing up. Keep persevering. Don’t stop having hard conversations, learning and growing. Continue to build our community stronger. Tackle next year with the same open mind and energy you had this year.

To Kyan, Haley, Katherine and Alexa: congratulations. There is not a more capable, passionate and hardworking group of executives to lead this school next year, and I am excited to see what you accomplish.

Thank you to Cade, Theo and Haley for their hard work this year. Truly, I could not have asked for a more reliable, energetic, and amazing group of teammates

Pumas, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to lead you this year; you make me excited for what the future of UPrep holds.

As Ms. Moe would say,


Roll Pumes.