Honoring UPrep Founder

UPrep honors the passing of founder Chris McGarry

On Sunday, March 27, the University Prep community gathered to celebrate the life of Chris McGarry, a founder of the school who passed away on Jan. 6.
“McGarry was a proud New Jerseyite with an endearing accent to prove it,” said her obituary.
She received her MA from Lesley Univerity in Maine, and from there went on to teach at a number of different high schools.
In 1976, McGarry, along with six other teachers, founded UPrep. McGarry worked immensely to advance the school. She held many different positions, including Board of Trustees member, Admissions Director, librarian, parent council liaison, and English teacher.
According to her obituary, throughout her time at UPrep, McGarry developed and treasured relationships with the students she taught and continued to keep in contact with them after her retirement in 2001.
Teaching aside, McGarry enjoyed traveling, volunteering, and spending time with loved ones. She was known for her positive outlook, fun-loving personality, and kind-heartedness. McGarry will be remembered by the UPrep community as a dedicated and beloved educator without whom the school would not be possible.