Pushing Through

The weeks between midwinter and spring break are some of the longest and most dreadful days of the school year. Chilly winter air lingers in the morning, the work you keep putting off slowly piles up and your trips to the front office for late slips become more and more frequent.
Summer is on the horizon. We are just 63 days away from freedom, sunshine and no more 6 a.m. wakeups. However, we are not done yet.
During these first three quarters, we proved our resilience in keeping each other safe and leaning into discomfort. Let out a sigh of relief, we have made it this far during a year of uncertainty and our return to campus.
Don’t let the post-spring-break slump catch you off guard. There is much to look forward to this spring with Fun Day, prom, and Launchpad so near. That being said, now is the time to get organized and ahead in your classes to ensure an enjoyable last quarter.
First, show up! It’s as simple as that. Resist the urge to sleep in and miss the first period or go off campus when you have a math test after lunch.
Second, fight procrastination. Excuses won’t do you any good. Hold yourself accountable. Prioritize and organize. Meet with your teacher, take advantage of office hours and open up the planner that’s been in your backpack all year.
Third, remember to recharge! Fuel your brain and your body. A good night’s sleep will help you stay focused, concentrate and remember kindness when the middle schoolers crash into you in the halls
And remember to cut yourself some slack. Be kind to yourself, your classmates and your teachers who, are fighting their own spring slump. too Try to stay positive and surround yourself with friends who will motivate you and remind you to have fun these last few months.
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