Stand with Ukraine

Stand with Ukraine

A dark shadow has been cast over the world with the dangers of war looming larger than ever in Ukraine. Still reeling from a global pan- demic, we need unity over aggression now more than ever.

This full-scale Russian invasion ordered by Russian president Vladimir Putin on Feb. 24 is a hideous crime against Ukrainians and Russians. Beginning in eastern Ukraine, Russian forces
are continously advancing and taking control
of cities. These attacks violate the foundation of world order established post World War II and the dissolution of the Soviet Union that resulted in an independent Ukraine.

As a nuclear superpower, Russian attacks could result in detrimental repercussions on a global scale. Countries need to unite and stand in support of Ukraine.

In a speech to announce the start of this “military operation,” Putin claimed this oper- ation would result in the “demilitarization” of Ukraine to protect Russians there. In reality, it is clear that these attacks were intended to topple the pro-western government in Ukraine, and the “expansion of NATO to the east.”

Regardless of political afflictions,
this is a blatant human rights violation. From threats of physical safety to dwindling food and medicine supply, loss of housing and access to schools, Ukrainians are in danger. Many have sought housing in metro stations and other pub- lic places, hoping that they can seek transporta- tion out of the country and refuge elsewhere.

While neighboring countries have agreed to take in large numbers of refugees any sort of aid to Ukraine will help.

University Prep should speak out on this hu- man rights issue and show support for students who may be directly affected and others who may be seeking ways to support the issue.

As students we all hold the power to support Ukraine. We can raise awareness through social media, emailing our representatives to support Ukraine and through monetary means.

Many of our own neighbors and close friends might be impacted by the ongoing tensions so it is most important that we hold these conversa- tions with our family and friends and support those who need it.