Exploring ‘Coming Home’


Photo: Abby Formella

A guest speaker leads a workshop at Social Justice Day in 2019.

As the 10th anniversary of Social Justice Day approaches, students will be able to immerse themselves in activities with the purpose of self-reflection and discovery. 

Social Justice Day this year will be held on April 4. Diversity and Community Program Manager Patrick King is leading the Social Justice Day planning committee.

“This year you guys should expect lots of fun things,” King said.

Along with various workshops, University Prep has also invited two significant figures within the greater Seattle community to speak during the day. 

“We have officially locked down our keynote speakers who are really exciting. One is an amazing poet named Christian Paige and the other one is a restaurant owner and chef named Melissa Miranda,” King said.

This year’s Social Justice Day allows students to dive deeper into their identities. Unlike those years past where affinity groups would only meet once, this year they are meeting twice. 

“The idea is that if you wanna explore another aspect of your identity. you don’t have to choose necessarily. [Students] are able to go to multiple affinity groups at different times,” King Said.

“You know, this school is
our home.””


This year’s theme is “coming home.” Every decision leading up to this day from the workshops to the speakers has been made to allow UPrep students to reflect on what coming home means to them, and what it is that they are returning to. 

For senior Jamila Abdilahi, this school year has been about adjusting to in-person school after a year of remote learning. Abdilahi thinks a lot of upperclassmen will be able to resonate with this theme.

“I just feel like it’s really appropriate considering what has been going on within both the UPrep community and the world as a whole,” Abdilahi said. “As a senior who spent her junior year and a portion of her sophomore year online, I think this topic is really thought-provoking, seeing how returning to the campus has really affected my life.”