Buff Puff Update

After further reporting, The Puma Press would like to provide additional context for an article that appeared in the last issue.
While Buff Puff and Power Puff did not return this fall, Assistant Director of the Upper School Meg Anderson-Johnston, who works closely with ASB and Director of Upper School Joel Sohn made it clear that COVID-19 was one of, if not the, biggest reasons for the absence of these events.
“Given the uncertainties around COVID-19, especially at the beginning of the school year when we were just coming back to campus full-time and reintroducing our previous community time structure, we wanted to move slowly and try things out to make sure they worked and that we could put them on safely,” Anderson-Johnston said
While there are reasons to consider modifying these events, according to Anderson-Johnston, cancelling them fully doesn’t appear to be the plan.
“The vision for the future of these events is one that is inclusive of all genders and all grades. So, when they do come back, they will likely look a bit different than in the past so that we can meet those goals of inclusivity,” she said.