Water Bottle Withdrawals


After an hour-and-a-half of running during practice, you are sweaty and parched. You search for your water bottle until you remember that you left it on your kitchen counter. 

Remembering to bring your water bottle each day to school is not easy. It is important that the Commons Cafe brings watter bottles back. Otherwise, it encourages students to break COVID-19 guidelines by sharing water bottles with other students. 

Due to COVID-19, the only water fountains available are the ones to fill up your water bottles. Students without water bottles have nothing to fill up, thus being deprived of water.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), dehydration may result in unclear thinking, mood changes, constipation and other symptoms that can negatively impact a student’s wellbeing. Our health should be the Commons Cafe’s biggest priority. 

Not selling water bottles encourages students to choose unhealthier drink alternatives to quench their thirst. Students need to learn how to balance their intake of sugary drinks, and the best way to encourage this is by bringing back the healthiest drink option there is: water.

Around two years ago, the Commons Cafe stopped selling water bottles due to the use of plastic in the bottles. Yet, the majority of drinks sold in the Commons Cafe contain that same amount of plastic, so what good does this really do?

Bringing back disposable water bottles to the commons is a necessity and there are many eco-friendly options. Water can be sold in paper bottles, cans, or recycled plastic bottles. Boxed Water Is Better or JUST Water are two examples of the many companies that sell water in these forms.      I encourage the Commons Cafe to bring back disposable water bottles in these forms to support our students’ health and wellness.