Senior Wills

Senior Wills

Priya Narasimhan:

  • Abby Marschell: My Anarkali dress
  • Shayrielle Cornelius: My boxing gloves
  • Camille: my sunglasses and an unopened 5 Seconds of Summer CD (the Youngblood album) I will miss all three of you, and this school as well. Stay whelmed.
  • Nora Talbot: My wonder woman cuffs

Brandon Rosenberg:

  • Max Seitz: you are from here on out in charge of making Uprep varsity boys ultimate GET LOUD. You’re in charge of chants cheers and hype. Make em fight buddy.

Max Lagunoff:

  • Beruk Sims: Title of fastest UPrep Sprinter
  • Andrew Ye: The 800m UPrep Legacy
  • Nick Rosenthal: Familia Sleef
  • Zack Lagunoff: Nothing
  • Emerson Weiss: My nonexistent $GME shares
  • David Baylor: Normal sized shorts
  • Mr. Peabody: Our race whenever that may happen
  • Dr. N: My super rare CA’s turned in on time

Aidan Hayre:

  • Cade: my boy, keep making movies and lead Uprep well
  • Ashutosh: I will forever miss you Ashutosh. I know if anyone will become president, it’s you.
  • Harry and Alex and Henry: Y’all lookin goofy

Ian Beck:

  • Alex Beck: Continue the Beck legacy bro bro

Jane Morgan:

  • Jane Scroggs: Aux for bball…do good (u already get it sorry about that) better be hitting those shot-fake one dribble 3s ill be watching 🙂
  • Paris Buren: As many shot blocks as you need! Sorry for hiding them from you last year
  • Abby Headstrom: master the baseline shot ms. president, I know you are gonna do great things!
  • Parisa Harvey: You get to yell at everyone at practice now CONGRATS! lead well par par make us proud
  • Carly Ragen: ^Yelling at the freshmen and ms. setter. make us proud and keep the program running :)))) Gonna miss u and keep laughing 🙂
  • Ms. Moe: Thank you for the best experiences the last 7 years! From softball to planning the volleyball season you are the hardest worker at Uprep. Thanks for trusting me and making a great athletic community and role model!
  • Mr. Schneider: Thanks for a great basketball experience, sorry about this year but the last two were more than amazing. Thanks for always putting up with me during practices and I wish you the best!
  • Ms. Andrade: Best language teacher ever, thanks for laughing with us!

Celestine Ruhmann

  • Kellen: The single ounce of sanity we left Scott with. Water it twice a day and leave it in moderate sunlight, maybe it’ll grow (????)
  • Grace: Highly impulsive decisions and a megaphone
  • Julia & Talia: A couple of deep breaths, some sleep, hopefully never having to draw on an iPad again, and for one of you, some non-demon-like dogs
  • Augie: Ye old faithful garlic peeler
  • Diego, Oscar, Evan: Keeping up the distant dream that we’ll get more competition legal javs
  • Cade: The Lego Hogwarts castle Ms. Klein: A dance/yoga studio that isn’t in the basement and has actual windows
  • Jacob: A cup of coffee and a donut because I think that would genuinely make your day
  • Ms. Griffin: The great honor of educating today’s youth about the joyful traditions of Festivus
  • Alana: Someone who doesn’t try to change their essay topic 20 times before they finally actually get to writing the essay
  • Slatts: The peace and quiet of never having to listen to our musicals again, also some extra candy for us to steal
  • Ms. Slon: The gift of making people love biology and science
  • Mr. Blok: An advisory that won’t end in bloodshed, and the ability to bake a cake
  • Joel: The Argument of the Day™

Aidan Lee:

  • Cade Evered: A spot on varsity ultimate
  • Colin Carberry: A ziplock of beef jerky
  • Augie Goldberg: A free ride in the porsche
  • Oliver Litton: Beard cream
  • Andrew Bell: A reason to not take French next year
  • Parisa Harvey: Another very late draft
  • Scott Collins: A free haircut
  • Nathan Crawford: A mullet Phineas Mahlum: Unsharpened Pencil

Adair Tilgham:

  • Talia, Julia, Grace, & Kellen: I leave to you the yearbook. I trust that you will annoy Scott more than Cel and I did. Fight over the editors chair, you all deserve it. You really did help make the 2020/2021 yearbook possible, can’t wait to see what you create next year!
  • Scott: You helped Cel and I make such a good book. Thanks for all the pizza and chipotle.
  • Esme: You are my best friend ever!!! I love you so much and honestly don’t know what I would do without you. I leave to you, the ability to be on time to school, and pick the music. Also, you get part time custody of Kainoa.
  • Sara Jackson: Take care of Esme for me, don’t let her go too crazy for me.
  • Katherine Jackson: Enjoy junior year, call me if you ever need anything!
  • Chris: Have fun getting fast, GOOOO POCOCK!
  • Mr. Chestnut: Thank you for making me actually love math. Not gonna lie I was so scared of you when you subbed for my Geometry A class freshman year. Now you’re one of my favorite teachers!
  • Dr.N & Ms.PB: Thanks for being the best advisors and making advisory do fun. Enjoy your new advisory, I’ll miss you.
  • Mr. Slatts: Thanks for always appreciating my flower headband.

Ava Anderson:

  • William Anderson: The Anderson family legacy (you got this kid)
  • Parisa Harvey: Facilitator exec

Sloane Goldberg:

  • Augs: the car, the aux cord, and an iced latte. Sempre sei una pazza spazzatura.
  • Talia LeVine: Custody of debate club, a bagel, all of my kosher questions that I could easily google, and a bottle of nail polish
  • Julia Cappio: the best birthday and the best debate team ever
  • Debate club: A pumpkin, the one good spinny chair, and a tournament that’s actually in person. Thank you guys for an amazing 4 years! I know you’re all going to continue doing great things. Beat open windows for me!
  • Phin + Harry: co-dictatorship of Model Un club
  • Ellie + Pascale: a lifetime supply of New York Times articles
  • Alana: 10 different body paragraphs that talk about the same thing but I just wanna make sure they’re on the right track yknow?
  • Dr. N: a math problem that involves torque, angular momentum, related rates, optimization, and the volume of a sphere for some reason
  • Ms. Howe: a dollar sign on the right side of the number
  • Ms. AJ: a doughnut! Jacob: my brother
  • Mr. Blok: a reminder that I won’t be at rehearsal for the next 4 years
  • Raj: a little plaque that says “good, soulful, person”
  • Ms. Griffin: an essay to edit with 8 run on sentences, a bibliography with a bunch of sources I definitely made up, and a touching rendition of let the eagle soar

Liam Reese:

  • Max Seitz: You have inherited my role of only good player on Varsity Frisbee
  • Dekker Moe: Throw away those Air Forces
  • Emerson Weiss: Max is in charge of the team until you can stop looking into the wind
  • Ray Yang: Thanks for being the cool teacher
  • Moses Rifkin: Thanks for being a humble Frisbee god
  • Cora Reese: Don’t go to assemblies – they’re a waste of time

Henry Buscher:

  • President-Elect Abby Headstrom: The school, please don’t break it
  • Cade Evered: An email signature
  • Andrew Ye: A custom-made throne of lies (and keep an eye on Nick)
  • Freshmen ASB Reps: Lessons on checking your email
  • Haley Hoffman: A 16-mile run and a military pamphlet (just give it a look!)
  • Katherine Jackson: A lifetime knowledge of General Mattis
  • David Baylor: A sleep-in day and a lifetime supply of model rockets
  • Evan Colando: A completed schedule and a college sweater that doesn’t say “Pomona”
  • Sarah Bunker: Eternal position as the defendant
  • Sean Fried: The solemn duty of one-upping big Fried
  • Owen Howland: A run without a rolled ankle
  • Shraeya Iyer and Allie Sniezek: The Mock Trial team (and Patrick)
  • Harry Jackson: Another killer year on cross country
  • Ellie Mobley: The opposing team’s time, waste it!
  • Nick Rosenthal: Non-matching spikes (and keep an eye on Andy)
  • Beruk: A two-mile race
  • Emerson Sonoda: A book on dealing with Mock Trial coaches
  • A.C. Feliu: A complete history of coups
  • Raj: A supply of Spartan quotes
  • Mr. Fleming: All the Kyle lines on repeat
  • Kelly: Every painting my family will ever make
  • Britten and Wendy: An eternal thumbs up
  • Coach Kayla: Another runner who only has one pace
  • Dr. N: The world’s longest optimization problem
  • Stewart: Calc classes as good as last years!
  • Dux: Plenty of trail-reading
  • Ty: All the Nepal photos and a silk sleep sack
  • Ms. Griffin: A joke organizer
  • Matty P: A presidential endorsement of outdoor leadership

Lucas Sherman:

  • Zander: A Battering Ham
  • Colman, Shraeya, Ellie, Allie, Sarah, and Emerson: Revenge against Seattle Prep, your time being respected, and a case that turns out more interesting than it sounds
  • WAA Members: Liberation, education, and activism
  • Owen Dombrowski: The liberation of the proletariat
  • Cade: The presidency of The Swamp
  • Mr. Feliu: Pinky McDeathface’s freedom

Joseph Yeung:

  • Abby Headstrom: ASB is all yours now. I want a lesson on backing into parking spots.
  • Cade Evered: The ASB Vice Presidency. Also, go to film school.
  • Katherine Kang: Thai Iced Tea, 50% sugar, less ice, with boba. I’ll be in the commons.
  • Peter McCormick: The title of “Lead Saxophonist”
  • Oliver Litton: The title of “Lead Pianist”
  • Makari Jackson, Nathan Crawford, and Jack Nielson: Three trombones to carry on the trombone section legacy.
  • Katherine Jackson: Best facilitators partner, no question. I leave you a jar of honey that I had to fight a bear for.
  • Jason Parker: I never would have realized how much I love music if it weren’t for you! Next year, I expect the band to be failing at Basie Straight Ahead because failure=success. I leave you Kenny G’s soprano sax with a broken G# key because of all the grapes that got stuck in it.
  • Ms. Yang: You were always the first person I went to whenever I wanted to share good news or have a funny conversation. I leave you three thousand Padlet entries and one million participation points.
  • Dr. N: I’ve never enjoyed Math/Science as much as I did in your classes. I leave you the FBD of a jar of “UPrep Calculus Differentiates Me” pencils rolling down an incline with no slippage. Counterclockwise is positive of course (can’t forget my axis!).
  • Mr. Marshall: Thank you for the best song/album recommendations. I leave you an endless supply of green tea and Shark Tank episodes.

Mary Capossela:

  • Shraeya Iyer: The sleep we sacrificed to finish our pre-calc final (and the fun we had commiserating)
  • Georgia Langworthy and Talia Levine: French class shenanigans, and hopefully a semester studying abroad
  • Jane Scroggs: Countless breakout room discussion about “The Namesake”–we made it through virtual English!
  • Parisa Harvey: An epic lesson plan and fulfilling teamwork–thank you again for suggesting a land acknowledgment
  • Reagan DeLora: Last minute emails about LeapLine slides
  • Coleman Standifer: A fun hike spent bonding over allergies
  • Mira Brown: Early morning emotional support during carpool
  • Emily Schorr Lesnick: Hours planning WAA and getting sidetracked
  • Ms. NA: Long conversations after history class–thank you for always being willing to talk
  • Mr. Whitney: A standing offer to talk with you or your niece about anything she may need
  • Mr. Block: Boing, boing, pump-it up!
  • Dr. N: Explanations offered too loudly in class
  • Ms. Griffin: An unprecedented understanding of “The Body in the Woods”
  • Ms. Peterson: All the time Sloane and I cost you by staying late after advisory
  • Mr. Stewart: The Spotlight
  • WAA: Our collective work and growth, and a discussion space to facilitate!
  • D&D players past, present, and future: The epic adventures–and friendships–that await you

Thalia Frank:

  • All of my teachers: Thank you so much for all your endless support during my time here. It’s been invaluable and I will remember everything.
  • Paul Fleming: Thank you for being such a great advisor. I’ll miss you so much!
  • Luca Frank: I’m leaving you the best advisor ever so have fun next year!
  • Aleta Frank: I’m leaving you the responsibility of Luca. Good luck and enjoy your last year of middle school!

Luke Meredith:

  • Mr. Chestnut: Thank you for not getting angry at me no matter how bad of an advisee I am
  • Mr. Sohn: Thank you for switching 5th and 6th period to give me an end of day free
  • Britten: Thank you for guiding me through the college process and reading some of the worst college essays of all time
  • Mr. Stewart: Thank you for helping me significantly in Calculus 1 and writing my college [recommendation letter]. I hope my brother is less of a pain than me.
  • Ms. Sherwood: Thank you for making US history interesting.
  • CECC: Hopefully you do more than we did this year
  • Isaac: Good luck with the teachers I’ve already had. I hope I didn’t burn many bridges for you.

Eli Pruzan:

  • Nat Reed: A bunch of super awesomeness
  • Sam Hamilton: A spot in the parking lot
  • Andrew Ye: My sleef (honorarily) and a GPS
  • Mattias Keaunui: A planner

Jackson Wurzer:

  • Ms. Peterson and Mr. Stewart: thank you both for being caring and awesome advisors
  • Ms. Moe: Thanks for all you’ve done over the past 4 years, you’ve made the sports experience great for me and for everyone.
  • Mark Ball: Thanks for your support and 4 years of wisdom on the tennis court
  • Mattias: Beat Amar and wear your sleef. Win state
  • Carter: Keep working, you can make state
  • Trevor: Keep hitting the big forehand
  • Andrew Ye: You’ve got a great work ethic keep at it in running

Tyler Wurzer:

  • Mattias Keaunui: Alarm clock
  • Harry Rothman: Shaving cream and a razor
  • Yoshi Malady: A hat that stays on when you pitch
  • Owen Howland: A new foot and some bananas
  • Sam Hamilton: Looser fitting baseball pants
  • Zack Lagunoff: Bofa

Helen Bergstrom:

  • Coleman Hunter: I want to leave for you all the love and support in the world you are a star I am so proud of you and I am going to miss you SO much. If you ever need anything I’m just a call away and will literally do anything for you. Thank you so much for everything son, I love you! Oh yeah I guess I can also leave you the entirety of the UPrep theater department, have fun!
  • Mira Brown: I want to leave you all of my confidence and pride you are such a light. Keep being gorgeous and incredible and standing up for what is right. Also I WOULD leave you Shrimp Boy but SOMEONE never gave him to me.
  • Mira Hinkel: Mira you are an angel let me leave you the ability to sway just right to make Ms. Klein’s dreams come true.
  • Marina Hao: Marina, I loved being your senior buddy this year, and if you ever need anything I’m always here for you!
  • Cade Evered: I leave you any and all future projects on the assassination of JFK, my full support for your time as school VP, my prayers for the rest of your math career, and thank you for making everything so much fun. If you ever need anything, I got your back!

Nicholas Lee:

  • Julia Cappio: I leave you an ice blended caffeinated mango lychee strawberry tea boba and graded labs. I wish you the best of luck with Facilitators next year — it is in great hands.
  • Katherine Kang: I leave you audio messages and staying on task during APISU facetime calls.
  • Nathan Lee: I leave you more time to sleep and a fantastic time in high school.
  • E-chieh: Thank you for being an amazing mentor, listener, and teacher for me during my time at UPrep. I truly appreciate everything you have done for me and how you have helped me find my voice.
  • Ms. Hundley: Working with you this year has been wonderful and a life changing experience. Thank you for teaching us to be flexible and adapt to the challenges that come our way.
  • Dr. N: Thank you for being there to help everyone in and outside of the class. I appreciate all the time you spent in AP meetings making sure we had a good understanding of the material and the exam.
  • Ms. PB: Thank you for the energy you bring to your classes and being a great grade dean for the ASB reps. I am grateful for all the support and encouragement you have given us throughout these past four years.
  • Yang Laoshi: Thank you for making Chinese fun and exciting. I appreciate the kindness and support you have offered me these past four years.

Rohan Raman:

  • Peter: A perfectly executed rendition of “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” and leftovers.
  • Emerson S.: The mantle of Mr. Spang-a-lang.
  • Jack N.: My opinions on WLR and a clarinet.
  • Nathan C.: A pair of functioning Jacktrip headphones and the title of slapbox champion.
  • Makari: A new PR and funky bass line.
  • Cade: Ay lightsaber collection.
  • Sarah, Ellie and Coleman: Best Witness nominations and not falling asleep during practice.
  • Allie: Permission to screen share the exhibit.
  • Shraeya: Incredibly accurate course advice.
  • Max S.: Represent.
  • UPrep Varsity Boys Ultimate: Thank you guys for a great season. I’ll miss you all.

Allie Adams:

  • Mira H: Being better than me at french, always
  • Mr. Fleming: I can go for the rest of my life and I doubt I’ll find someone who believes in me quite as much as you have believed in me. There is only one way I can even begin to repay that debt and it is releasing you from the pain of having to deal with me.
  • Ms Sconyers: I know it doesn’t mean a lot to leave a will when you’re also going, but I have to thank you for your advice, support, and companionship throughout the years, whether I was enrolled in one of your classes or not. I’ll miss our conversations but I can’t wish you enough luck & enrichment in your next pursuits. Thank you for an incredible three years of computer science, and for everything else.
  • Jess!!!: the greatest crime of my high school education is that I was deprived of the opportunity of working with you more. It’s difficult to measure how much you taught me in the departments of living with joy & vibrancy and moving with intention & energy, and I’m finding it equally difficult to express the measure of my gratitude. We can pretend we got to dance together, even if it never all the way happened :))
  • Dr. N: I’m not sure if you know the true extent of your contribution to my education, but let me assure you it goes past derivatives and rotating discs. Your confidence in & understanding of me as a student have pushed me through challenging times to be the kind of scholar I believe you see in me. Uprep calculus and quant HAVE differentiated me— so too have you, my teacher
  • Brian and Scott: An audit for the missing advisory money
  • Also for Brian: A late slip 🙂
  • Mira B: You are so talented I actually really don’t comprehend it sometimes, and I can’t wait to see the things you do. congrats I bequeath to you the mantle of being Fleming’s problem child
  • Claire: Please keep QSU intact, I’m trusting you and you are actually the only one who can
  • Cole: OMG Hi!!!! I almost don’t know what to say here because on one level I can’t really imagine saying goodbye to you at the end of this year. I may not often say it but you are a personality that could stop stars in the sky, so very very talented and also unparalleled at making google slides. I’m leaving you my shares in both theatre & qsu so you’d better not mess it up. I love you so much <3
  • Talia: Diplomacy

Jiwoo Hyun:

  • Hermona: Leaving you with (hopefully) fewer schedule changes and more in-person meetings with a fantastic group of people.
  • Wishing you the best of luck as a facilitators exec next year–i’m looking forward to hearing about all the amazing things you do!