I Scream For Ice Cream


Photo: Abby Headstrom

Sugar and Spoon: While this edible cookie dough shop isn’t technically ice cream, it falls along the same lines and it was too enticing not to try. The brownie batter definitely tasted like a brownie, which I liked. And as someone who enjoys eating cookie dough more than cookies, the chocolate chip dough was amazing. The dessert was very rich, though, so I was only really able to have a few bites before it was too much.  As a cookie dough lover, I definitely recommend this place— just don’t go if you have a full stomach.

With increasingly sunny weather,

warmer days and more time on campus, I decided it was time to venture into University Prep’s neighborhood in search of the perfect ice cream store.

For me, the perfect ice cream has rich and has strong flavors that pop in my mouth. I also believe that an ice cream store is only as good as its chocolate ice cream,

so my reviews consist of one scoop of chocolate ice cream and one scoop of a more adventurous flavor.