Lets’ Rage

Blowing off steam at Rage Industries

Tables are provided at Rage Industries to insure maximum smashing satisfaction.

Have you ever wanted to smash something after a tiring day at school or work?
Rather than going home and smashing up your furniture, just seven minutes away from UPrep, Rage Industry has created a room where you can break stuff without having to worry about cleaning up the mess.
Walking through the door, I saw glass cups and bottles lined the cupboards, with plates and bowls stacked neatly on shelves — reminiscent of my childhood kitchen. A man with tattoos peered up over his computer at me.
“You get 12 small items, 12 large, six mini, and four special,” the worker mumbled behind the counter, pointing towards the neatly lined shelves.
Like a kid in a candy shop, I inspected each item to ensure maximum breakage before putting it in my smashing bin. Opting for the double trouble package, I asked for four wine bottles, four bowls, four plates, six of your average kitchen glasses, six beer bottles, a perfume bottle, an urn (which I can only hope did not once carry someone’s ashes) and — for maximum satisfaction — a TV so old that not even your grandparents would use.
Weapons ranged from metal alloy bat, a bladed seven iron golf club, a frying pan and a sledgehammer. I decided to take the route least traveled: choosing the seven iron.
Escorting us into a tightly packed room, the attendant handed us painting suits, football padding and a paintball mask, then set our timer. Looking around the room, I could not even tell that someone had been there just an hour before.
With 20 minutes to rage, I lined up “grandma’s tea set” ready to tee off on a par five. My club drifted through the cup effortlessly. And with my stress, it shattered.
As Thunderstruck from AC/DC blasted into the room, I forgot about everything and just smashed. For 18 minutes we danced, screamed, and laid waste to innocent bowls and cups. Switching to the bat, I unleashed 16 years of irritation and anger pummeling the TV until you couldn’t tell the difference between the screen and the antenna. All forms of anger were let loose, whether it was from someone taking the last cookie or deep, unresolved rage.
In addition to paying with scars from glass, we took home an $80 dollar bill, with $60 of that being the double trouble package and $20 for the TV. Smashing for one will only cost you $30.
Some may argue that the release of anger is worth $80. I cannot promise permanent relief, however. Something free like meditation may be more valuable. But, for immediate relief and overall fun, the rage room is definitely worth it. I would advise bringing a buddy or your whole family, as you get double the items and bonding.
So, if you’re looking to work out the stress of some inter-family drama, school, work or just to smash things, Rage Industry is the place to go.