Missing from Your Morning


You awaken to your stomach growling ravenously. Stumbling out of bed, you somehow manage to find your way to the kitchen. What is that heavenly smell? You’re amazed to see the vibrant spread on the dining room table. Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day.

With breakfast, you are not forced to decide between sweet and savory foods. Pancakes and fruits meet eggs and sausage to deliver everything your taste buds may be looking for. 

Lunch and dinner are not only limited by their versatility, but they’re also generally more complicated. These later meals are seen as events, forcing you to dress up or eat something fancy. With breakfast, you don’t have to worry about your bedhead or attire. You can have a large spread or just grab a banana on your way out the door.

For me, breakfast is associated with great memories of my mom making pancakes in the shape of the number of my grade on the first day of school, or how old I’m turning on my birthday. Even though the mornings get busy, it’s good to know love is going into your first meal of the day.

Aside from the emotions attached to breakfast, the Centers for Disease Control found that, particularly in students, eating breakfast often leads to better cognitive function, memory, motivation and mood. 

The lack of structure during the pandemic has led to people abandoning breakfast now more than ever. If you’re able to snack on crackers on Zoom after rolling out of bed in the morning, why would you sit down for a complete meal and take up time? 

Here’s why: a Time Magazine interview with a dietitian nutritionist revealed that experts believe in the importance of eating breakfast. Studies show skipping the first meal of the day is associated with greater disease risk, while having it improves dietary patterns and overall health.

Fluffy waffles. Mouth-watering fruit. A hearty omelet. Refreshing orange juice. Crunchy cereal. Buttery toast. Warm coffee. The list is endless. Tell me how you can go wrong with anything on this list, and explain, how you could prefer anything else?

I urge you to take advantage of everything this meal has to offer. Saying you skip breakfast because you “don’t have the time” is equivalent to saying you don’t have the time for happiness. 

I promise you it’s worth it. Make time.