‘Til Next Year, Global Link

UPrep Global Programs office cancels international travel in the midst of a pandemic


Photo: Brian Gonzales

Global Link India poses for a photo before leaving for the airport in January of 2020. This was one of the few trips that were able to travel last year.

University Prep’s Global Programs office announced this fall that due to the state of COVID-19, all Global Link trips this year are to be canceled. This decision came after discussion between the Global Programs office and their partner schools around the world.
With international students no longer visiting UPrep, semesters away are the sole Global Program available to students and families during the pandemic.
“Most, if not all of the semester away schools that we work with are open and running,” Director of Global Programs Brian Gonzales said. “We didn’t have any students go out this fall, but we do have three who are scheduled to travel [in the] spring.”
Students have the ability to sign up for semester away next year, as partner schools plan to continue the program through the pandemic.

[Canceling trips] came with a lot of conversation with our partners around the world.”

— Director of Global Programs Brian Gonzales

Global trips will remain tentative, however, as the unsure state of the pandemic makes preparing for future years difficult.
“What could happen in the spring or what will happen next year is still on the table,” Gonzales said. “We kind of need to be back in school on a regular basis before we can start talking about traveling or bringing people from around the world to campus.”
Gonzales stated that for global programs to be running at full capacity again will be a lengthy process and that UPrep is working to support the programs.
“In their first few months here, Ronnie and Joel have been really supportive of Global Programs and supporting the idea of doing something global related,” Gonzales said. “There are a lot of steps to get there but they have been super supportive of it so far.”