Photo: Aidan Lee

Cooking for Christmas

Seasonal dishes to spice up the holidays

The holiday season brings out the best in home cooks. Large meals are usually enough food to feed the same family three times over. It is usually a task that takes lots of planning and work, which is why as teenagers, we usually leave it to other people to complete. This year, however, The Puma Press decided to take our shot at holiday cooking and bring some dishes to the table ourselves. Ethan brought back a family favorite for his dish in acorn squash with walnuts—a simple to make dish with great flavor and an amazing texture behind it. Aidan went with a new type of pie to flavor our holiday with a cranberry apple pie. A blend of sweetness from the apples paired with the tart cranberries for a delicious easy-to-make pie. To top it off, Aidan brought back his family’s favorite Cantonese style turkey through a friend in the international district. The juicy flavorful turkey reigns supreme over a normal turkey as the main attraction at the dinner table.

Cantonese-Style Turkey
Roasted Squash with Pecans
Cranberry Apple Pie

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