Photo: Aidan Lee

Cranberry Apple Pie

Searching for a pie to branch away from the classic apple pie, I figured that tossing a festive fruit in would help. There came the search for a cranberry apple pie. A simple sweet pie with hints of tartness, decorated with maple leaves made of pie crust and browned sugar, this is a pie I recommend for those looking for an easy bake with a simple twist this holiday season.
The pie may have a strong resemblance to that of an apple pie with a sweeter flavor, but the tartness of the cranberries is a great addition to a classic pie. This balance of tartness and sweetness appeals to all dessert lovers while being an easy-to-eat pie. With this recipe, however, I would recommend lowering the amount of cinnamon mixed into the pie by roughly 1/2 of a teaspoon. While that taste is a staple of an apple pie, it overwhelms the flavor that comes from the cranberries. Overall, this is a simple recipe with amazing flavors for both first-time and experienced bakers.


Want to make it yourself? Follow the recipe linked here!

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