Returning to the Classroom


Many of us took our in-person school experience for granted. We failed to realize its benefits to our learning until it was taken away from us.
The online format clearly contrasts with our in-person education. The minor inconveniences we face in an online format start adding up to create larger issues. Because of this, the hybrid format is something that our school should continue to work toward implementing.
According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control in June 2020, the general symptoms of anxiety and depression were approximately four times higher than reported the year before. Lack of social interaction and stress from the world is affecting the population’s mental health on a large scale.
Additionally, online school is very isolating. It can be difficult to be motivated and look forward to going to school on Zoom when you are only surrounded by distractions while in the comfort of your own home.
UPrep is full of resources to enhance our learning. Seeing chemical reactions in-person is beneficial to learning. Having a library full of thousands of books makes history projects so much more exciting. Being able to create art and express creativity in a better working environment benefits a student’s potential.
As a student with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, certain aspects of online school have been particularly difficult. Sitting in front of a screen for many hours makes my symptoms much worse due to my lack of movement. It is unhealthy and difficult for everyone with or without this disorder. Having a relationship established with the teacher made it so that I could work with the teachers to find a system that works.
It is hard for teachers, along with myself, to understand what students need to optimize online learning. A temporary obstacle in our learning is beginning to have lasting effects on many people and their education. Students will restore their eagerness to learn if we can implement the hybrid model, no matter the distance between us.