Clubs This Year on Zoom


During this challenging time where classes take place online, clubs have continued and are thriving.

Everyone knew starting clubs this year was going to be a challenge and so far it has been a success. Zoom has been working mostly well for the club leaders and club attendees but there are still downsides.
“It’s harder to like interact with the other people in the club,“ said seventh grader Sylvie Haas.

To maintain order a google sheet containing every single club link is used to make zoom rooms easy to find. Everyone in the middle school has access to this sheet and uses this to get to where they need to go.
”I think it’s cool because we know where everything is. And it’s easy to find where you need to go” said Haas.

Another Google sheet is used to log where everyone is going. From there it is the club leaders and the faculty advisor for that clubs job to figure out what being online for that club means.

This year there were a lot of clubs started by incoming sixth graders, and some new clubs from the returning seventh grade. the amount of variety in this years clubs and the fact that so many clubs are staring this year are exiting to new sixth grader Harper Soffel.
“I am exited about doing clubs at UPrep because there are so many different opportunities.” Soffel said.

Some of the most popular clubs were D&D club, Marvel club, Dance club with Ms Klein, Bushcraft, coding, cooking, creativity, and yoga. Seventh grader Vivian Basinski thought the clubs were run well, but not necessarily better than clubs in person.
“I don’t think there is a single club that got better because of zoom,” Basinski Said.
Though being online is not what most people would prefer, the UPrep community continues trying to make other lives better, and advocating for themselves. This is shown by the amazing clubs and club community.