Holding Ourselves Accountable

Holding Ourselves Accountable

From social inequities heightened by COVID-19 to the rise of racial justice movements, there is a lot to learn from the year 2020.

Though we as a school are starting to include more diverse perspectives, ideas and material in classes, we can and must do better. Just as University Prep pushes us, the students, to be intellectually courageous, the administration and teachers need to model this courage when designing and executing their classes.

UPrep needs to do a better job acknowledging the native land we occupy and the legacies of colonialism and exclusion in Seattle and the United States. Beyond a single land acknowledgment on Indigenous People’s Day, how will the momentum continue in an authentic and productive way?

But ultimately, a lot of the work to decolonize our education must come from students. At UPrep, most classes include student-led projects; we decide what our topic, sources and final product will look like. Given these opportunities, we need to take control of our learning and seek diverse perspectives. As we continue learning in high school and beyond, we must also confront and unlearn our biases.

Be intentional about the classes and topics you choose to study. Choose to take diverse classes and electives. Even in the courses with little diversity, make decisions and contributions that offer different perspectives and sources that will decolonize your classroom

We challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and demand a more representative and just curriculum. It is our job to hold the school accountable in uplifting underrepresented voices in the classroom, assemblies and beyond.

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