An American Election


November’s election has been on everyone’s mind lately. Social media, news headlines and regular conversations have become a stream of warnings that a second term for President Donald Trump will be the end of the country as we know it.
As such, this seems like a good time to remind everyone that, whatever the outcome, one thing is for certain: it will be okay.
It is clear to me that no matter what is said, much of University Prep’s community will never support President Trump or the Republican Party, nor will I try to change that. But it is important to remember that a single election will not destroy our country or at least not this election.
Think back to 2016, and you will find that much of the rhetoric was the same as today’s. “Trump’s a fascist” was a frequent one. “His presidency will end free America!” How much came true? Next to nothing.
Without a doubt, he has made controversial decisions. What leader hasn’t? But during his presidency, there has been no overt seizure of power, and we maintain strong relations with most of the world.
While President Trump has sometimes behaved in unorthodox ways on foreign visits, no evidence has shown these moments affecting actual relations. Unlike many predictions, the U.S. has not lost its major allies.
We have actually improved relations with and within countries of the Middle East. Trump’s recent mediation of a new peace treaty between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates is an example.
As for freedoms, the fact that you can still protest, vent your frustration and should only fear arrest if you commit an actual crime are all signs that your rights have not been lost.
Trump did deploy federal agents to Portland when riots broke out, but he did so only when local forces failed to protect federal property. That is a duty of the executive branch. Additionally, the use of unmarked vans for arresting rioters, which has been viewed as controversial, is not a cause for concern, as unmarked vehicles are regularly employed by the FBI.
Be it Trump or Biden who wins, always remember that our government is neither socialist nor dictatorial nor monarchist. Our country was built so that no one leader or party could ever dominate it. Much more of our system would have to break before that could change.
Whatever November’s outcome, the country will be fine.