A Running Routine


Photo: uprep_athletics

The male runners for UPrep’s cross country team pose for a photo at last year’s state championship. Senior Henry Buscher is seen on the far left of the group, with the number 385.

Two workout runs, three recovery runs and one ten mile run, totalling 9 hours a week, Senior Henry Buscher is quite literally training for a marathon.

A member of University Prep’s cross country and track and field teams, Buscher still fits in other commitments including ASB president, while concurrently running for pleasure.

“It is kind of like feeling absolutely exhausted but in a good way,” Buscher said. “It feels like you’ve just climbed a mountain without actually climbing a mountain.”

A state caliber athlete, Buscher found his passion for running in elementary school with the time he found during recess.

“I was quite introverted and didn’t really hang out with people, so I found solace in just running around and found I really liked the way it felt,” Buscher said. “I always just felt so accomplished every time I did a really hard run, that it gave me a really good feeling.”

Long distance running is something that will always take a large amount of work to reach a high level, but for now that work will just be a part of Buscher’s routine.

“I would probably tell [people] how great it feels to just [run], and how great finishing [a run] feels …  I would also tell them that there will be plenty of bad days and plenty of times that they fail,” Buscher said. “But I would follow that up with but when you succeed, and you will succeed more often the longer you run, it’s the greatest feeling in the world.”