Skateboarding Is Booming During Quarantine

Quarantine has lead to more monthly skateboard sales


Photo: Hudson McKinney

This is a picture of a skateboard that is on a ramp.

The days of quarantine and stay at home orders have actually improved the popularity of skateboarding, unlike so many other industries. Professional skateboarder John Hill said that the quarantine has had a positive impact on the industry.

One reason the quarantine has had a positive impact is because people have more free time and skateboarding is a perfect fit for an active sport that you can do by yourself. It is also a good sport to do while social distancing so that you can skateboard with other people but still maintain a safe distance from one another.

For example, eighth-grader Caitlyn Makar-Witucki said that she has been skateboarding a lot more during the quarantine than prior because she has more time and that it has been beneficial because it has kept her active. 

One of the other benefits of skateboarding is that you can really do it anywhere you want. You can bring your skateboard to an empty parking lot or in a street that doesn’t have a lot of traffic. This also makes skateboarding a good sport during quarantine because a lot of facilities are currently closed, but that doesn’t have to stop you from skateboarding because you have the freedom to skateboard wherever you feel like. It also gives you an opportunity to practice the basics. 

According to a Seattle Times article published on April 30, 2020, Lexi Briggs, an employee of All Together Skatepark, the only indoor skatepark in Seattle, said that she is now back to skateboarding in her driveway, just like when she was learning when she was 12 years old. 

Skate challenges on Instagram and YouTube have also seen a huge surge in popularity, since the quarantine started, by amateur and professional skaters alike. They are posting videos of themselves skating in kitchens, deserted highways and even flipping over pyramids of toilet paper.

Since skateparks are closed, skaters have found more creative ways to do everyday household chores. Some pros are setting up obstacles in their living room and skating from the front door to the back. Ultimately, it is a race to see who can come with the most creative tricks while staying at home.