Quarantine Organization and Routine

During quarantine, being organized and having a schedule really gets things done


Photo: Sophie Gibson

Making Schedules during quarantine help get things done.

Quarantine is rough for a lot of people. Not seeing your friends and not being able to go places is hard for a lot of us and it’s messing up our daily routines. Staying organized and having a daily routine will help you during quarantine because it’s what most of us are used to. Going to school Monday through Friday, and coming home to your family every night is a routine that most of us are used to and in order to stay sane during this time, staying organized is the way to go. 

According to UNICEF, in normal circumstances, daily schedules are organized around school, work, sports, different groups we are active in, and community events. But, until that happens again, take some time to plan the schedule. This may seem like a tedious activity, but it will actually make it easier for you to organize your daily life. Making a list of your schedule for the day will help you become less lazy and you will actually start to want to do things like getting dressed for the day and not just sitting around in your pajamas.

“I think it’s really important to remind ourselves to get up and get some physical exercise and I do think it’s hard especially for students, ”said Middle School Director Ms. Wu. “Setting up a daily schedule is the easiest way I have been able to get up and do things during this time.”

According to The New Yorker, in times of confusion and anxiety, it can be useful to have a fixed daily schedule to maintain consistency in your life. A daily routine is what we are all used to, so staying organized and having a routine will help all of us get through quarantine.

“I would say I’m more organized during quarantine because I have more time to write down my schedule and plan ahead for the day,” seventh-grader Olivia Conrad said. “I’m starting to write in my planner now so I keep track of all of my homework and I’ve had a lot of time to organize my room and messy spaces that I’ve been wanting to clean out for awhile.”

Organization is a key to feeling mentally healthy during this time, according to Conrad. Routine helps keep you in check and feel like a human while in quarantine and it doesn’t take that long to write out a daily schedule.