The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Making It Hard for Local Businesses to Stay Afloat; Here Are Some Ways You Can Help

As more and more people are staying home and social distancing, local businesses need your help to stay open



A local Restaurant is forced to close its doors due to Covid-19.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused almost all businesses income to drop a substantial amount from the lack of customers due to the stay at home order. This causes businesses to make major changes in the way they run.

Jesse Schuman, from Sea Wolf Bakery, stated, “It has forced us to make changes in staffing and sales. We have lost most of our wholesale restaurant accounts and weekend farmers market sales. We have shifted our retail point of sale to outside. Corona has frightened us and our staff.  It has threatened our health and our economic well-being. It has created conflict and debate within our business but also tightened up our group.”

Businesses around Seattle have been forced to lay off many of their staff to try to conserve as much money as possible so they can hopefully continue to stay open so they can pay rent and for their business. Unemployment has hit a record high according to the Wall Street Journal article by Eric Morath. This is leaving many Americans jobless and afraid alongside these businesses.

As quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic continues to extend, businesses become more and more in debt. But, there are some ways you can support your local Seattle business so they can stay open. One of which is buying gift cards. Even if you can’t use it now, you will be able to in the future and the business gets the money to support them.

Also, many restaurants and bakeries are offering delivery directly to your home, or takeout, where they will bring it to your car. It’s also helpful to spread the word about the business, so when it opens up more people will go to it, or your friends can get delivery. Of course, donations are always appreciated too.

“There has been a tremendous amount of support.  Old customers keep coming in and checking to make sure we’re doing ok.  Folks have bought gift cards and send good wishes. People thank us almost daily for being open. Everyone has been very kind and patient,” said Schuman.

Businesses really need and appreciate support in these times, but don’t feel required to support if you are also struggling financially. Local businesses need our help, let’s give it to them.