Senior Thank Yous

The Class of 2020 has a lot to be grateful for

Editor’s Note: Submissions have been edited for explicit content but not for conventions. All notes completed before the May 1 deadline will appear in the print issue.

Azita Shirinzadeh

Ms. Hundley: Thank you so much for supporting me these past two years as a Facilitator co-leader. You were always there for me both inside and outside the organization and I’m so honored to have the had opportunity to work with you.

Mr. Grant: Thank you for being the best grade level dean and an amazing history teacher. You always check in with every one of your students and make me feel represented and valued in the classroom.

E-chieh: Thank you for always inspiring me with your compassion, dedication, and love of social justice. Without you, I would never have gotten the courage to become a Facilitator and attend SDLC, one of the most empowering experiences of my life

Kelly Herrington: I am so lucky to have had one of the most positive, supportive people at UPrep as my college counselor. You continue to check in with me even during this time of uncertainty and I am so grateful to have had your support throughout the college process and beyond.

Mrs. Howe: Thank you so much for being the best math teacher I’ve ever had, and for being a supportive advisor. You truly make learning both fun and interesting!

Darta: To my favorite person and the most amazing doubles partner, I love you endlessly. I will miss you so much next year. Continue to shine and thrive these next two years both on and off the courts.

Laila: I am so excited to see all the amazing things you achieve next year as a senior and beyond. So lucky to call you my forever friend.

Parisa: I leave you MESA and know you will continue to rise above and beyond as a leader in all your passions. I love you!

Lindsey and Hayley: I leave you
UPVGT and all the salt-pepper chips and green grapes. I am excited to support y’all next year and see you crush every team.

Sarah Braun

Annemarie Pozil: Thank you for making my life at UPrep so exciting every day! I will never forget our fun times in French class, getting your car towed, and being tennis partners!

Quinn McGill: Thank you for being the best partner in crime for the past seven years! I’m so grateful for all of our fun adventures we have had together.

Kedzie Moe

Mr. Fleming and Mr. Blok: Thank you for being two of the greatest mentors I could ask for, and for believing in me every step of the way.

To every teacher who I have known for longer than I care to admit: Thank you for keeping little six- -year-old me company during the countless games I was dragged along to and showing me what it really means to be a part of the UPrep community.

Helen and Coleman George: Thanks for being your amazing selves. I love you both so much much and can’t wait to see you shine in next year’s show! <3

My theatre friends: Thank you all (you know who you are!) for being so wonderful and talented. I’m really going to miss you!

Josh H: A real first girlfriend, non- corduroy pants

Harrison Probst

Alec Duxbury: Thank you for both being my soccer coach for four years and my English teacher for two semesters. You have shaped me on and off the field in more ways than I can count.

Nate Whitney: I always enjoyed our soccer talks on the bus or on the sidelines. I will also never forget what you taught me in health freshmen year.

Antonio Bernardo

Michael (from the Commons): Thank you for always being energetic. When I arrive at school in the morning, feeling tired and stressed, I always stop by the Commons and feel better. You are always excited to see us, and I know my friends and I appreciate that. Best, Antonio (2740)

Mr. Stewart: You are the lad!

Twice you have taught me, and both those times your class was my favorite one that semester. Even Calculus, which I hate, is somehow my favorite period. You bring good vibes to the class, even on Zoom, and I appreciate your willingness to joke around with your students.

Mattias Keaunui: Thank you for trusting me as your bench-press spotter. It was an honor. You won’t find a better bench-press spotter, but I will be with you in spirit. Bulking season for life.

Claire Renschler: Thank you for always looking out for my boy Julian. You are a great sister to him. Also, thanks for consistently plugging me with the yoga homework.

Jane Morgan: First, thank you for the carpool. That was clutch. Second, you will never have a better Calc table group, even though that’s probably for the best. Thank you for keeping us on task throughout the semester. You’re gonna kill Calc II, and good luck with volleyball.

Sidney Levine: Thank you for keeping me company in French class and making that class entertaining. Also, I’m gonna get better at Clash Royale, I promise.

Jackson Hewes: Thank you for making weight training so fun. You motivated me loads and pushed me even when I was gassed. You are a beast.

Olivia Poolos

Kayla Robertson: Cross country and track hold some of my best memories at UPrep. Thank you for four wonderful years of coaching, and instilling in me a love of running.

Mr. Lawhead: Thank you for giving freshman me a chance to play basketball, and the endless support throughout high school!

Mr. Schneider: I loved playing on your team, and I hope Lucy grows up to play basketball!

Ms. Tello and Ms. Yang: Thanks for making us stay and bond in advisory. We secretly liked it, despite our protests.

Mr. Dux: For backpacking, outside of class English discussions, and recognizing every time I wore Oiselle.

Alana and Ms. NA: Thank you to Samoa and back for coming on our crazy Global Link Trip. I’m wishing you both all the Samoan oranges you can eat.

Scott Collins: Thank you for believing in Bea and me, your sarcastic comments, and making journalism class the best part of my day. You have my endless respect and gratitude.

The UPrep Math Department: You guys are amazing. Period.

The girls XC team: I’m going to miss running with you guys! Remember that you’re all top bananas in my mind:)

Wally & Parisa: I have complete faith in both of you. And Wally, you get the blue chair- you’ve earned it. Parisa, you get the aux cord.

The journalism staff: everyone on staff is awesome. I hope you guys get sweatshirts, someday.

Jiwoo Hyun: I hope you find someone else to awkwardly wave at in the hallways next year…

Haley Hoffman: I’m betting on you setting some UPrep records in XC. Good luck!

UPVGB: Be nice to Schneider!

Nathan Burke

Moses and Rio: Thank you for believing in me.

Ms. Hundley and Mr. Grant: Thank you for helping me learn to be a leader.

Mr. Toribio and Ms. Reyes: Salamat for helping me find a sense of community.

Ms. Griffin: Thank you for putting up with my antics.

Profe McGrath: Gracias para tu cuidado genuino.

Sloane: Thank you for your leadership.

Addissem and Celestine: Thank you for always being there for me.

Varsity Boys Ultimate: Thank you for pushing me to be the best I can.

Aidan: Thank you for driving me home.

Ellie and Laila: Thank you for sharing the GL Lithuania experience with me.

Nicholas Arron

Patrick Grant & Leah Griffin: Thank you for both being helpful and caring advisors for the last 4 years.

LJ Johnson: Thank you for being a great coach and being invested in myself and the team.

Mark Ball: Thank you for believing in me for the last three years and helping me reach my goals.

Cam Gregg: Future ECL B League MVP!

Axel Andrews: Something that couldn’t be printed in the paper

Jackson Wurzer: Lord Biznis

Tyler Wurzer: Keep your dreams bigger than your stature

Eli Pruzan: goat

Mattias Keaunui: Win state

Alcen Chiu

Irene Yang: Thank you for letting me vent to you about anything and everything. I am grateful that you always believed in me and worked with me, rather than trying to change me.

Thane Lewis: Thank you for letting me avoid my responsibilities as a cellist and play piano instead.

Tim Blok: Thank you for asking me to play for Assassins, I am really going to miss playing in the pit band! Although I never got that orange juice…

Alma Andrade: Thank you for making me feel so comfortable on the team. I don’t think I would have been willing to join the team again the next year without having such a fun season with you first!

E-chieh Lin: Thank you for being such a supportive presence and creating such a safe space in the Diversity Room.

Jiwoo Hyun: I leave you my lactose-free, plant-based, questionable-smelling, sometimes almond milk, yogurt. I just know you’ll love it.

Hermona Hadush: Represent both of us in tennis next year! I wish we could’ve played together for longer, but I know you’ll crush them all with your awesome backhand volleys.

Joanna Oster: Maybe it’s time to join the orchestra again…or even better, tennis? Anyways, you’re gonna crush junior year!

Aleks Selby: I leave you the principle of the cellos, but I know you may or not accept this…

Linnea Luthra

Mr. Dux: Thank you for the support and always keeping me on my toes during English class.

Mr. Chestnut: Thank you for all the funny stories and making math fun to learn.

Mr. Whitney: Thank you for always being there to support me and being an ear to talk too.

Eliza Cook: I love you and can’t wait for you to be near me next year.

Charlie Kauffman

Ben Normann: the throws squad; Nathan Crawford: A set of flatwound strings

Mira Brown: the Stabbernacle

Johann Eberhardt: the tights

Tyson Scott: Cold Brew

Georgia Paterson: a two-gallon flask of coffee

Helen Bergstrom: Sewing needles Lucas Sherman: a copy of Tegland

Rohan Raman: another set of brushes

Emerson Sonoda: v i b e s

Makari Jackson: one of the cables

Ethan Bensussen: more pit vipers

George Hujoel: throwing shoes

Henry Buscher: A shot put

Sidney LeVine: jumper cables

Cade Evered: my hammers

Allie Adams: an ankle brace and makeup wipes

Sydney Goitia: Almond Milk

Frank Higley: a roll of gaff tape

Michael Youmans

Moses Rifkin: Thank you for all you’ve done these past two years, pushing me and encouraging me to be better. I’ll never forget the satisfaction I had when we achieved great wins as a team. I didn’t think I’d ever play Ultimate Frisbee in high school, but if I had known the support that was awaiting me then I would have signed up sooner.

Dan Chestnut: Thank you for believing in me and continuing to push me and follow my progress in math. Studying for that AP test was one of the most demanding things I’ve ever done and I’m glad to have gotten your insight and advice about it. Also, thank you for your wisdom in Math Finance. I think I took money for granted sometimes, but now I feel like saving up is gonna be worth it in the end.

David Peabody: Thank you for all the enthusiasm you had while supervising the Rubik’s Cube Club! Honestly it was such a fun experience and I appreciated your effort in learning how to solve the Rubik’s cube. I know I’m a bit rustier than I was before but sometimes I still try to solve my cube as fast as I can. The competition was so much fun!

Rohan Raman: Thank you for being such a funny and chill dude Rohan. I’ve enjoyed working with you in Students of Service, desperately trying to hunt down an organization that would respond to our emails. Although I always knew Olivia was more reliable than me in managing the club, you always made me feel valuable when you missed all the meetings. Jokes aside, you’re a smart and funny guy.

Nathan Crawford: Thank you for being such a beast on the Ultimate Frisbee team. I knew you’d do well ever since you came with last year’s team on the Seattle Invite, but still it’s insane to see you put every part of your being on the line like that. Everyone around you knows how hard you’re working and is inspired by you, so keep on doing what you’re doing.

Lillian Bown

E-Chieh: Thank you for being a mentor and outlet over all the years. You have helped me take opportunities that I am forever grateful for.

Mr.Dux: Thank you for four of the best seasons of my life and all the lessons you taught me on the way!

Coach Lawhead and Coach Pat: Thank you for pushing me to continue to play basketball! I made some of my favorite high school memories on your guys team!

Coach Schneider: Thank you for believing in our team throughout every up and down!

Ms.Rio: Thank you for getting to know me well enough to always know when I’m upset and ask if I’m okay.

Ms.Moe: To my number one female role model, you have been there with me through it all and I am forever grateful for all the amazing seasons I’ve had as a UPrep athlete. I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve done for me during my time as a Puma!

Asha Dean: Thank you for being an amazing mentor and trustworthy adult in my life. I will miss you lots next year.

Kelly Herrington: Thank you for being a rock during the most stressful times of high school. I wouldn’t have gotten where I am without all of your support!

Ashlyn Kilbourne: You better have an amazing senior season. I’m trusting you with pre-game auxing and make sure you get a few yellow cards for me.

Eleanor Grace Probst: I’m going to miss my midfielders. I’m leaving you all the W’s in the world and post game Dairy Queen.

Quinn Mcgill: Have the best Senior season ever!! Score some goals for me.

Ella Conrad: Leaving you all the confidence in the world for next soccer season! You’re gonna kill it!

Jane Morgan: I am passing the aux to you for next year’s season. Don’t let me down 🙂

Paris Buren: I am leaving you all the shot blocks in the world, Gatorade and the euro step. I know you’re gonna go off next season. P.S. No more eating cake before games.

Jane Scroggs: Thank you for being the best hype man and one of the funniest people on the teams! Leaving you my forensics skills and the filthiest junior season for basketball and soccer!!

Eliza Cook: Going to miss you next year, I’m trusting you to keep school spirit high!

Abby Headstrom: Have the best junior season ever!! Push a few people over for me 😉

Sadie Bernard

Ms. Benson: thank you for helping find my confidence in math

Mr. Peabody: thank you for continuously being supportive and positive throughout my entire high school career!

Mr. Feliu: thank you for all the amazing stories you’ve told over the years and for making history the most interesting class I’ve ever taken.

Eleanor: leaving you all my confidence and knowledge in math (for 11th and 12th grade)

Hanna: I leave you with a kiss on the cheek and a hug <3

Alex: passing the emo queen of UPrep title onto you

Ellie: leaving you with MCR’s entire discography because you should really get into them and there is no time like the present.

Jakob Marston-Galarza

Jude Roach: S/o to my homie since 4th grade.

Mark Fishman

Mr. Chestnut: Thank you for making our calculus class fun and for all the interesting stories you told!

Mr. Hung: Thank you for making Chinese class so fun and making it a class I looked forward to having.

Ty Talbot: Thank you for making the intensives I took with you so enjoyable and for keeping them stress-free.

Mrs. Yang: Good luck with the rest of my Chinese Class next year!

Carolyn Fishman: good luck with the rest of highschool!

Jonah Lewis: Thanks for being a dope workout buddy in weightlifting. Next time I see you, you better be swole!

Hanna Kolyvek: ILY, have a great senior year that hopefully doesn’t get cancelled!

Phin Mahlum and Ethan Matsubiyashi: Good luck in Chinese class next year, you’ll need it.

Theo Mahlum

Scott Collins: Thank you for the encouragement, the psychological torment, and the many pieces of advice you have given me

Julie Smith and Alana Kaholakula: Thank you for welcoming me into the Global Link India trip, and for keeping me alive for two weeks in India—the turkey sandwich was a close call.

Daniel Chestnut: You helped me grow confidence with my abilities in math, thank you.

Kelly Herrington: I doubt I would have been able to complete the college process without your constant support and assistance, thank you.

Kayla Robertson: Thank you for never losing faith in me.

Phineas Mahlum: Thank you for always supporting me, and for being the best copilot a brother could ask for—I truly hope you have a great junior and senior year.

Sloane Goldberg: A Grande sized coffee cup in Whistler.

Helen Bergstrom: Rice pudding in Spanish class.

Sidney Levine: Always motivating me to try my best in Cross Country

Rohan Raman: Never making me feel too tall.

Griffin Thoreson: Thank you for being a great roommate in India, and for spraying me with water.

Beatrice Cappio

Scott Collins: I don’t know what we would do without you. Thanks for teaching Olivia and me the meaning of intellectual courage. I’ll miss the whip-smart Slack chains.

Kelly: There’s no one whose email I would rather have at the top of my inbox. Thanks for the best advice on life, college and New England specialties. Oh, and the baby pics.

Dr. N: Thanks for encouraging me to push myself. I wish you many more crops of daring, resilient Quant kids that always remember to start with an FBD.

Ms. Griffin: There isn’t a chance I’d be the person I am today if you hadn’t invited the quiet girl in the corner to debate club. Thank you for that and so much more.

Mr. Grant: The whiteboard maps were beautiful. Thanks for listening to four years of my rants on political minutiae. Sorry for ruining your little vittles story.

Julia: I wish you all the happiness and a better commute soundtrack.

Parisa and Wally: Don’t doubt yourselves. Don’t forget to CMYK. You’ve got this.

The journalism crew: I wish you a pair of cooler and smarter editors that will actually coordinate sweatshirts next year.

Zoë Rasmussen

Ragini Narasimhan: Thank you for teaching me life skills that I have only just begun to appreciate. I wish you students who will consistently start with a diagram and FBDs and laughter which (hopefully) makes physics more entertaining.

Kayla Robertson: My deepest appreciation for your support and advice since the 6th grade. I wish you an 8th grade camping trip as uneventful as the one I went on 🙂 and stories about young runners with exoskeletons.

Alexzander Rasmussen: I leave you my non-existent sabre skills and a $20. Thanks for being my favorite brother!

Anna Inghram

Scott: All of my worst ledes (that you helped me make less horrible — thank you), and also many puppies and small children.

Alana and Julie: An internet connection stable enough to call an Uber.

Mr. Peabody: An endless supply of Scandinavian Swimmers for advisory.

Eliza and Mary: An understanding of the word “autonomy”

Griffin and Allie: Those weird white things (candies?) restaurants would give us after dinner

Wally and Parisa: Colors that never print how you want them to.

Grace: All the Princess Diaries movies and Rice Krispies.

JV tennis girls: An agreed upon set of rules for losing your racket.

Zach Leid

Ms. Slon and Mr. Peabody: Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams and get my dream job!

Julian Madrid

Mr. Whitney: An amazing coach, but even a better advocate. You have not only been there for me on the field, but also in the classroom. When I needed a teacher to advocate for me once when I got in trouble, and was sent to Ms. Petersons office, I had asked you to be in the room with me as my advocate. You are the all -time most real and amazing person to work at UPrep.

Jacob Fried

TO ALL OF MY TEACHERS: I am so very sorry. But thanks for dealing with me!

Axel Andrews: The baseball team is yours now. We worked hard to get the program off the ground, now it’s up to you to keep it that way.

Gabe Donner: You’re the number 1 fan now. Go get em, kid. Don’t get ejected. It’s up to you to keep the dome rocking.

Sean Fried: The last Fried to grace the halls of UPrep. You’re going to be very tall soon. You also don’t have to catch 90 anymore. You’re welcome.

Harry Rothman: You might get to hit cleanup now. Have fun with it, because you’ll probably get plunked. Just don’t take Dondo’s fastball off the elbow. It doesn’t feel very good.

UPrep Boys Baseball: We got one ring together. It’s up to you guys to go get the next one.

Zack Lagunoff: GTA location tracker turned off

Eli Pruzan: Some bigger thighs (yours)

Max Lagunoff, Sidney Levine, and the rest of the boys XC team: Longer shorts

Alana Berger

Mr. Parker: my birthday ice cream at La Casa Lopez (someone has to wear the sombrero) and my lost dreams of an electric cello.

Ms. PB: thank you for your energy and three of my favorite classes at UPrep. I leave you my 640 unused pH strips.

Jill Leahy: all my volleyball stats skills. You are the stats master now.

Joseph Yeung and Brandon Rosenberg: you two get to be in charge of the 2021 Varsity Jazz sweatshirts. Make them happen!

Emerson Sonoda and Rohan Raman: I leave you Hawaii 5-0 charts. You know you want them.

The volleyball team: 2020 state championship

Eleanor Karis-Sconyers: I leave you all my pictures of 201 Shrewsbury, Metairie. And please get the band to play I Say Nuts to You.

Will Linden: thanks for being my trombone mate and eating the part of the orange that I don’t like. Good luck with the trombone one parts next year.

Georgia Paterson: a couch in my Carleton dorm room.

Mira Hinkel: the responsibility to make the sequel to Le Zoo. Go and take over the world mon mouton.

Michael Gary

Thank you for…

Mr. Hung: air whips and moon cakes

Ms. Peterson: everything

Michael from the Commons: 2***

Mr. Jaffe: the fist bumps

Martin: yelling at me

Mr. Chestnut: teaching me about life

Dux, Whit, Katie: an amazing 4 years

Ms. Klein: all the pirouettes

Everyone: thank you for an unforgettable four years. It’s been an honor <3

2021 President Henry Buscher: my phone number (206*******)
UPVBS: win it.

Chinese Class: good luck 🙂

Jane Morgan: haha

Eliza Cook: ‘25

Ethan Matsubayashi: be nice to laoshi

Phin Mahlum: clown

Clai Probst: lead them

Sara Colando

Kayla: thank you for the many years of positivity. You are 110% the top banana!

Dux: thank you for the best last three years of soccer I could ask for!

Schneider: thanks for letting me take stats this year, I had a lot of fun!

Mr. Marshall: thank you for being a fantastic advisor and history teacher. I wish you many the Amazon-ordered Scooby snacks for your next advisory, Cafe Lulu sandwiches, and hopefully the chance to teach Brazilian history.

Math Office: Thank you for answering my questions and being one of my favorite places on campus!

Special shouts to:

Mr. Chestnut: I wish you an abundance of free food. Oh, and for future classes to learn how to actually use textbooks.

Ms. Howe: I hope you are finding great online shoe-shopping deals in quarantine. I also wish you a nice unimodal symmetric distribution and some fun neighborhood runs!

Dr. N: Thank you for letting me come in to the math office WAY too often and for all the interesting conversations. I wish you a functioning One-note and for every upcoming student to start by drawing a FBD.

Evan: I leave you the car (at least until summer), a Starbucks card and a laser pointer.

Haley: Thank you for many fab-15 workouts and countless Greenlake runs! I cannot wait to see how fast you get in the coming years (and all the merch you’ll buy).

Lucas, Rohan, and Henry: I leave you Dawn’s bitmoji texts, lots of compliment-sandwiches, Will’s fistbumps, and hopefully an interesting civil case! You guys got it #regretsonly.

Abby: Thank you for being my track bud last year, I had so much fun running with you! I leave you many after-track popsicles and less 300m hurdles (still don’t know how you do those).

Track girls: I  know our season got cut short, but trust me, there is no sport better sport than track! You guys got it, and I cannot wait to see you all kill it in your respective events!

CECC: I cannot wait to see how you all make it better in the upcoming years. I leave the club better name-recognition and hopefully an acronym people can pronounce.

Ciaran Healey

Jason Parker: My deepest thanks for seven years in a welcoming community dedicated to the study of Jazz.

Isabelle Rio: Thank you for keeping French engaging and fun through all the struggles with class sizes, room assignments and distance learning.

Broseph Yeung, Anders Pohlmann and Peter McCormick: Thanks for all the effort and dedication you put in to make the band sound as good as possible.

Rohan Raman: Thanks for a high-school experience full of potato jokes.

Darta Sipola + Mira Hinkel: Thanks for answering all the French
questions no one else understood.

Camille Neutz

Moses: Thank you for teaching me how to throw a forehand in ultimate and the fact that you can see the Milky Way from Earth.

Mr. Chestnut: Thank you for making math class a whole lot more fun with your music and life stories.

Britten: Thank you for keeping me sane throughout the college process and always having treats in your office.

Mr. Marshall: Thank you for being such a supportive teacher. Current Events was an amazing class, I could not thank you more for teaching me that material.

Ms. Slon: Thank you for teaching me to love biology.

Ms. Sherwood and Mr. Whitney: Thank you for always being there for support throughout high school.

Lillian Ellis

Mr. Jaffe: Thanks for being the biggest Ethics Bowl fan.

Ms Griffin: Thank you a million times for teaching 6th grade Lillian how to debate. You are incredible. #lettheeaglesoar

Mr. Peabody: Thank you for helping me lead Ethics Bowl over the years, best wishes for next year.

Jill: Setting skills and stat sheets that automatically fill out. Thanks for being a bench buddy.

Wally, Nicholas, Brandon, Joseph: I leave you an infinite number of participation points, clear eyes, cute answers, and Wally’s T4 presentation. Best of luck next year, I will miss you guys. #everyonetalksonepersonlistens

Henry, Lucas, Rohan: Three ferret habitats, a mid winter break, a murder case, and Nationals 2021. Hang in there, y’all are amazing.

Eliza, Mary, Emerson Sonoda, Theo Barton, Joanna: AUTONOMY, a stolen bike, ways to cheat at chess, old fashioned grandparents, and Nationals 2021. Have fun.

Jane, Ava, Alexa, Tessa, Elli, Parisa, Carly, Annabel, Gabby: State 2020, all the cinnamon bread in the world, one set of get-ups.

Annabel: the ability to beat whoever you want in speedminton.

Landry: 10 playlists for your drives to school.

Emily Lyons-Hammond

Martin: I will miss seeing you everyday. Thank you for all the work you do. Don’t forget sticky notes.

David: It’s almost Friday. You make the school a happier place and I know you work hard.

Micah: Thank you for the work you do. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you!

Michael S.R:  You are so kind. I’ve enjoyed all of our conversations. You make the school a better place.

Mr. Chestnut: Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. I will miss having you. I hope you have a good summer with your kids.

Ms. Hundley: You’re wicked smart and a great role model. Thank you for always being there for me. I hope you are enjoying the peace and quiet of Whidbey Island. You deserve it.

Alana: You have taught me so much and helped me find my voice in writing. Going to Samoa with you was fun and showed you have grit outside of the classroom too.

Mr. Stewart: You are patient, generous with your time and never make your students feel bad.

Mr. Fleming: Thank you for everything you’ve given me (yes, including that). There isn’t a better director around.

Mr. Kassissieh: Thank you for being a great mentor and helping me often.

Ms. Klein: You’re amazing. You’re so genuine. I aspire to be as positive as you are, and I hope you get to go back to India!

Cameron (weight room): You are really good at what you do. You’ll make a great physical therapist.

Liam Reese: You’re a great friend, I’m so glad I met you. Have a great final ultimate season. Keep designing. Let me know if you need anything. I’ll miss you next year.

Jenson Owens: You’re one of the most accepting people around. You know how to help someone feel better. Text me whenever.

Shylynn Rodrigues: Hey Shy, I remember meeting you that day in the locker room. I’m so glad we started talking then. Let me know if you need anything.

Aidan McHugh: Thank you for a great friendship. You’re understanding, kind and funny, I feel lucky to have met you. This isn’t goodbye, I’ll see you when I’m back in Seattle.

Luke Meredith: I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you better this year, you’re very sweet. Let me know how everything is going?

Chris McCarty: I’ll miss seeing you. You made my days better. Text me whenever.

Lucy Day

Ms. Benson:thank you so much for working with me for two very important and stressful years of my life,  I’ll begrudgingly say you succeeded a bit.

Dux: Thank you for teaching me for years in the classroom and on the field. I’ve learned so much from you and you’ve inspired me to work harder and think deeper.

Ms. Civian, Ms. McGraw, Ms. Howe, and Dux:  Thank you to all my advisors! It’s been a wild four years for us but I appreciate everything you’ve done for us.

Brian Gonzales: Thank you for helping me make the most out of high school! Thank you for always being willing to talk about anything.

Mr. Grant: Thank you for supporting me these four years and always being available and caring.

Kelly Herrington: Thank you for helping me enjoy the journey that is high school as well as getting me to the destination. I’ll think of you every time I eat something maple.

Hanna Koyvek: I leave you the best bite of your food.

Adissem Moita: I leave you my good driving abilities (please be safe) and my shoulder shimmy skills.

Darta Sipola: I leave you the four words I know in french and the two country songs I like.

Helen Day: I leave you a fun-filled and memorable four years,
wherever those years are spent.

Nubia Robles

Adissem: I leave a boom box for your music taste that’s ok but you do have some bangers. You have to keep playing music for the ultimate team. I would also like to leave a thank-you note for not killing me in that car accident of your first day driving your car to school.

Hanna Kolyvek: I leave to you my teddy bear Lambert- he will serve you well for senior year. Lo-key though I want to take it with me to college. I might need him. I know you’re going to kill it next year though. Senioritis will be real but keep pushing.

Shylynn: I leave to you the leadership of the girls ultimate team, you did a really good job this year but now you’re gonna do it on your own next year. Also the spirit of Seven Hills will live through you next year so good luck and keep it up. Go Shy high. Also you better bet the reigning champion of up dog next year!

Jane Scroggs: The Scroggs
ultimate legacy will live through you, you gotta keep up the name and skill. I also give you the ability to layout because c’mon man I know you can do it. Also you should teach more yoga classes to the team that was funny. Good luck for the next couple of years -it’ll be a breeze for you.

Helen Day: I leave to you my style. We sometimes end up wearing similar things and you look cooler than me so you can have it. I also leave to you the motivation to keep going through high school. I know it can get heavy but I know you got it. Also please keep being the amazing person you are, your kindness is rare.

Hibak Hassan

Muna: Our family name, don’t ruin it! Love you, and I can’t believe I’m not going to school with you next year 🙁

Jamila: All the yogurt you want, thanks for always keeping me in check ILY!

Hermona: Being the baddest at UPrep:) love you!!

Kalid: We’re out!!

Adriana, Paris, Maylin: Take care of the diversity office, I’m gonna miss making tiktoks and laughing with you all!

Juweriya and Ilhan: Thanks for letting me be your older sister! I love you guys. Don’t forgot to call me next year!

Hebaq: I leave you our name, live up to it sis!

E-chieh: I don’t know what I would’ve done without your support these past three years, thank you for everything that you have done for me, I am beyond grateful!

Jill: Thank you for always being there for me no matter what, and listening to my stories and rants!

Emily: Thank you for all the advice, opportunities, and support I’m so glad that you came to UPrep!

Ms. Hundley: You have made such a big impact in my life, thank you for all your love and support.

Ms. Klein: Thank you for all the positive energy and love I’m going to miss dancing and yoga so much!

Ms. Taylor: Thank you for being the strong black female role model that I got to look up to and connect with at UPrep.

Mr. Jaffe: Thank you for always keeping your doors open when I needed rant and for all your advice and support!

Paige Welikson

Mr. Slatts: For being an amazing science teacher and always offering me a friendly word of advice when I need it. And for letting me have Noodles all summer 🙂

Ty Talbot: For putting up with me in my art classes, for always being patient when I was struggling, and for being one of the kindest, most optimistic teachers at UPrep

Mr. Marshall: For being a part of Jewish Culture Appreciation club and helping us lead through the fun times and the hard times .

E-Chieh Lin: For being a powerful force at UPrep and supporting every student voice even when it was not easy. For being willing to sit and chat for an hour, and sharing your wisdom, experience, and humor

Alana Kaholakuka: For pushing me to be a better writer and for being a part of my college process by writing a letter of recommendation

Ms. Engle: For taking such a hard class and making it fun, for always answering my questions no matter how silly or off topic they were, and for writing me a letter of recommendation.

Ms. Sherwood and Mr. Whitney: For being two wonderful advisors, for listening to every complaint and worry with patience and grace.

Eliza Cook: I leave you our shared East Coast fiery personalities, don’t let anyone take that away from you. Keep being the driven  and beautiful girl that you are.

Maddy Swope: I leave you an attention span in math. Even though I spent most of our friendship distracting you, I was able to witness your thoughtfulness, your humor, and your beauty inside and and out.

Hanna Kolyvek: Hanna, I leave you a kiss on the cheek because I refused to give you one in high school. Keep getting all the kisses you can, you deserve all of them.

Eleanor Bernard: I leave you my A in French. Becoming close with you and your family has been a joy. You are truly beautiful from your inside to your outside. Keeping being the charismatic wonderful girl that you are.

Jane Scroggs: I leave you my motherly love. Always hmu if you need some quality boy advice.

Stella Levine: I also leave you my A in math. Thank you for putting up with me in class and for doing most of the work. You are so determined, funny,  beautiful and intelligent. I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of your high school career

AnneMarie Pozil: I leave you all my tea. I admire how straightforward, hilarious, confident and well dressed you are.

Jane Morgan: Stay in school kid. You are so funny and beautiful and down to earth. Thank you for making me laugh and for always responding to my snapchats.

Mary Donner: I leave you anything to drink in the morning other than Diet Dr. Pepper. Keep taking care of yourself. Your wit and drive will get you far in life.

Jerome Todd

Mr. Grant: Thank you for always being a friendly face on campus from the day I arrived. From working together to plan grade events on ASB or just having a friendly conversation in the hallways, I will never forget or take for granted the amount of kindness and inspiration that I have gotten from working alongside you these past four years.

Mrs. Hundley: Thank you for, no matter in what context, always finding the best in not only me but in everyone. For always having real conversation with me and making me feel like an equal. I will always value your advice and guidance and can’t imagine my UPrep experience without you.

Jacob: Gracias por ayudarme a encontrar un amor por español y su cultura. Agradezco toda su orientación y conversaciones profundas. Espero que podamos mantenernos en contacto y continuar teniendo estas conversaciones. Siempre te veré como un mentor y un amigo. Gracias profe.

Kristian, Erika, and Kayla: Thank you for your continued support throughout all my time on both the track and cross-country teams. I will never forget the surplus of fun and the self-worth that I developed while being a part of these teams. I appreciate all your efforts to make these seasons the best that they can be for everyone and I can’t wait to see where you guys take the teams in the future.

Ben Rothman 

Ms. Moe and Da’Mon Perry: Thank you for all the work that they do to keep all our teams organized and in a position to succeed.  I would also like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to work for the school this past year.

Pat Grant and Leah Griffin: Thank you for being supportive advisors for these past 4 years. I know I wasn’t always great at showing how grateful I was for being in your advisory, but your guys’ support means the world to me.

Margarito, David, Martin, Nico and Scott: Thank you guys for always being around to talk to and get a good laugh from.  I spent many of my “bathroom breaks” during class to come talk to you guys and I would not want it any other way.

Slim Wright and Alex Bontje: I would like to thank the two of you for always being at my house and giving me a good laugh and also being good teammates on the basketball court.

Will and Harry Rothman: Thank you guys for being my brothers. I hope the two of you have learned from all of the mistakes I have made and I also hope you take it easy on mom and dad.

Eli Pruzan: Thank you for being one of the most interesting teammates I have ever had. You truly are a great conversationalist.  I leave you my first baseman’s glove.

Cam and Axel: Thank you guys for providing me and my friends with half of the lingo we have.

Cole and Axel: Thank you guys for being outstanding teammates on the baseball team. I now pass the torch to you to lead the Pumas back to Yakima where we belong.

Will Linden: Lindo, thank you for always having something to say and always giving me a good laugh.

JMO/Slim: The two of you can duke it out for who gets the flex space and also the long table.

Rachel Selby

Ty Talbot: Thank you for making the art room the sacred space it is! I’m grateful for everything you’ve taught me.

Lindy Hayden: Thank you for your guidance. You are the bada** adventurer I want to be someday!

Jess Klein: You inspire me with your joy and light. I’m grateful to have learned from you. Thank you! 

Ms. NA: I learned so much in your classes about being a student, about being a person, and about the world. 

Ms. Benson: Your class taught me how to work both smarter and harder, and to push myself. Thank you for your support. 

Ms. Hundley: Your class changed the way I see the world. I am so grateful for your teaching.

Coach Lily, Coach Anna, Coach Alissa, and Coach Linnea: I could never thank the four of you enough for teaching me to be strong and play hard. You are my role models and I’m so grateful to have been coached by you!

Mira Hinkel: You are responsible for carrying on the French legacy and creating an Oscar-winning French video!

Mira Brown: You are the fashion queen of UPrep, wear that crown with honor!

Georgia “Peachie Keen” Paterson: Thank you for your muffins. I am honored to have the recipe! Lead the ultimate team with your fun spirit.

Adissem Moita: Thank you for helping me laugh through questionable moments. Lead the ultimate team with your humor and mad skills!

Helen Bergstrom: You are a fairy princess. Thank you for your magic!

Allie Adams: I’m leaving you an orange.

Laila Rhenifel: Thank you for being there when I needed it. You are the coolest person, ever. One day I promise we’ll go thrifting!!!

Sloane Goldberg: We survived calc together and that’s a bond that can’t be broken.

Jenny Vrentas: Keep making cool things! 

The ultimate team: Thank you for everything. 2021 is gonna be a beast year for UPVGU!

My spot in the art room: I’ll visit you! Love you forever.

Aaron Igra

Ms. Griffin: My repertoire of bad puns and a Seattle Symphony Sir Mix-a-lot video.

Mr. Parker: The legacy of the two-time quitter and a daily MORNING MR. PARKER!

Scott Collins: This mostly functional website, as well as a frequent HI SCOTT!

Jiwoo Hyun: HI JIWOO!

Rohan Raman: A green whiteboard marker and a clean enlargement of Exhibit 1.

Henry Buscher: All the Academic Council work I didn’t bother to do, as well as a motion for a mistrial.

Lucas Sherman: Next year’s pretrial and passive aggressive comments from Dawn.

Wally Bargeron:

Aidan Lee: Every photo that should be edited for web.

Sloane Goldberg: A how-to guide on being a good Jewish child.

Ella Durbin 

Ms. Howe: Thank you to Ms Howe for being our final advisor and taking us under your wing! 

Josh Spagnola 

Mr. Marshall: Thank you for some of the best classes I have ever taken, the continued birthday emails and most importantly fueling my passion for history

Mr. Grant: Thank you for being a steadfast beacon of kindness and advocacy for our grade.

Mr. Feliu: I still have that “combat” hairpin you gave me. It turns out it’s a great letter opener!

Ms. Hayden: Thank you for always being a ray of sunshine and a wealth of outdoor knowledge in some of the best and worst moments of my senior year. I hope you get to go to Nepal one year! 

Mr. Peabody: Thank you for always greeting me with enthusiasm as I enter the math office, not to mention the countless classes you have guided me through.

Dr. N: You have taught me more about mathematics, problem solving and my learning style in one year of calculus then the rest of my high school career combined.

Mr. Dux: Be it in a classroom or around the fire pit somewhere in the North Cascades your enthusiasm and thoughtfulness never ceased to inspire

Kayla: Thank you for sharing with me your unparalleled enthusiasm for running and a wonderful advisory experience

Martin Pawlina: Thank you for all of your guidance over the years, from rigging complex dance decorations to wiring our weather station so that it wouldn’t explode (hey, third time’s a charm!)

Mr. Fleming: I can’t wait to reconnect someday and show you all of the amazing things I have built.

Mme. Woodson: Thank you for making our French class into one big family, one that I was always encouraged to push myself in and one that I felt comfortable to fail in

Mme. Diop: Thank you for three great years of advisory and un peu de français aussi!

Matt: From freshman physics to Engineering II, I have just about done it all with you and it has been an absolute pleasure!  You inspire me to keep climbing.

Ms. Slon: Your friendly greetings, even years since our last class together, always warm my heart.

Moses: I have never had a coach I have wanted to impress more or a teacher I have wanted to go above and beyond for more.  Thank you for always being my cheerleader, my confidant and a guiding force in my life.

Kelly: It feels as though I have spent a lifetime with you. Thank you for all of your guidance, your wisdom and your words of encouragement.

Ty: I can’t think of a time I wasn’t happy to talk with you.

Mr. Tillinghast: From Engineering I to Seattle-link Nepal, your enthusiasm, wealth of engineering knowledge and steadfast commitment to finding a way to make things work is truly inspiring.

Ms. Bingham: Thank you for all of our wonderful conversations over the years and turning me into a Noodle Tools wiz!

Ms. Griffin: Thank you for imparting in me a passion for seeking out reliable sources.

Felecia (lunch lady): Thank you for the years of extra meat, cheese and love on my sandwiches.  I have truly enjoyed every bite!

Ian Beck: It has been a true pleasure to get to know you over these past few years.  I can’t wait to hear about you dominating on the frisbee field next year, team captain.

Jude Roach: Thank you for always being a friendly face, a wonderful teammate and a great J’s Jabs partner.

Brandon: I’ve never seen anyone bid as much as you, keep it up!

Rohan: I grant you my spot on the Varsity Frisbee team and my highest respect for your character embodiment in Mock Trial.

Lucas Sherman: From the field to the courtroom, it has been a pleasure.  I can’t wait to hear about you bringing the house down in a game next year and then turning around to leave a witness speechless.

Latham Brittan: I grant you my spot on the Varsity Mock Trial team, a long overdue gesture that you are more than deserving of.

Henry Buscher: From the track to the courtroom, your work ethic never ceases to impress.  You also hold the title as the one guy I can’t hang with when it comes to WWII knowledge.

Ben Norman: I will miss not sitting next to you in French next year.  I can’t wait to hear how the RX-7 turns out.

Yoshi: You’re a great point guard and even better person. The lunchtime pickup games we shared make up some of my favorite memories of UPrep. 

Allie Sniezek and Andrew Bell: I know somehow, some way, you will get to experience Nepal one day!

Melia Hsu

Mr. Lewis: Thanks for the great times in the Orchestra room! It’s been really fun to be a violin, music librarian, poster/program maker, and two-time recording studio person! 

Ms. Skjei: Thanks for all the hard work you do! We all really appreciate how smoothly the Add-Drop period is thanks to you!

Denizens of Chamber Orchestra: Thanks for putting up with (and contributing to) all of our shenanigans! Hope you continue our traditions and please learn how to use the copier.

Dorothea Orth-Smith

Thank you to every teacher who has ever believed in me. Thank you especially to the history department, I think you have an amazingly well-organized and interesting curriculum and I really admire each and every one of you. 

Ms. Rio: Thank you for being there through everything 

Mr. Grant: Thank you for being the most dedicated grade dean ever, and an amazing history teacher. 

Mr. Tillinghast: for putting up with a lot.

Ms. Wyatt: for being a great mentor to me.

Mr. Blok: for all the snail jokes and eye rolls. 

Mr. Fleming: For laughing at my jokes and giving your health to theater.

Ms. Klein: For helping me through dance and being unfailingly kind and energetic no matter how hopeless I truly was.  

Aidan McHugh: Unfinished CNC router. Sorry about that

Allie Adams: High school theater as a concept, and tears of joy.

Helen Bergstom: High school theater as a concept, also shrimp boi though he is not mine to give.

Mira Brown: A smaller share of high school theater, although I’m unsure if you want it

Jenny Vrentas: bad decisions.

Celestine Ruhmann: Equally bad decisions of a different kind.

Alex Johnson: An embarrassing past, and the grave of Tumblr.

Georges-Henri: an ill-fated D&D campaign at CIFC and Ben’s piercings 

Mira Hinkle: Take the entire French language.

Layli Egrari 

Ms. Andrade: Thank you for always checking in on me and supporting me. 

Ms. Moe: Thank you for being such a positive influence on my life and my athletics during high school. 

Mr. Chestnut: Thank you for being real with us and giving great life advice. 

E-Chieh: Thank you for being a trusted adult for our whole grade. 

Mr. Grant: Thank you for always being a smiling face around the hall and always asking how I am!

Eliza: Thank you for being such a chill junior and a good friend, I’m excited for this summer with you.

Dylan Hart

E-Chieh: Thank you for being the most supportive and kind person. You truly make UPrep the amazing place that it is. 

Hung Laoshi: The flyest teacher out there. Never going to forget our small class bonding over the years.

Yang Laoshi: You never fail to make me laugh while pushing me to my full potential.

Mr. Fleming: I’ll miss your energy, humor, and our class dynamic.

Mr. Grant: For your deep care of the entire class of 2020.

Rihan DeLora 

Ms. A.J: Thank you for coming to coach track this year. Although it was only a week, I really appreciate the time you took with the throwing team.

Ms. N.A.: Thank you for making Global Link one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

Ms. Klein: Thank you for always bringing positive energy! 

E-chieh: Thank you for all you do in the diversity office. I appreciate having you there to always talk to. You really made my UPrep experience better!

Jill: Thank you for coming to support basketball games. I appreciate everything you did and helped me with these past two years! 

Emily: Thank you for always coming to talk whenever we needed anything.

Britten: Thank you for helping me throughout the entire college process.

Commons Cafe: Thank you for providing us with delicious food everyday! 

David: Thank you for always saying hello in the hallways! I’ll miss saying “almost Friday” every day of the week. 

Ms. Moe: Thank you for making sports at UPrep extra fun! I appreciate the time you put into each athletic team! 

Mr. Peabody: Thank you for helping me through the toughest parts of math. I appreciate your patience. 

Ms. Lydeard: Thank you for always leaving your door open for me to do work or rant when I needed it.

Ms. Peterson: Thank you for all of the time you put into being a facilitators partner. This year in facilitators wouldn’t have been the same without you. 

Mr. Jaffe: Thank you for always greeting us in the hallway with a fist bump! 

Muna: point guard – I expect 20 points per game ;-). I am gonna miss laughing with you every day.

Jamilla: Eggs & Ketchup and stop leaving yogurt out. 

Paris: Bus rides during basketball & and being late to everything – be on time next year. 

Kalid: Deep conversations in the diversity office. 

Adrianna: laps around Dahl for track. 

Hermona: Guessing nail colors.

Jane Scroggs: Tripping me in dance 

Charlotte: Pineapple pizza 🙂 

Megan: Animals 😉 

Katherine: The ability to count 

Emerson S.: Having fun in facilitators 🙂 

Ashley Shackleton 

Ms. Hundley: Thank you for supporting me throughout high school. You are an amazing role model and inspire me to be a better leader.

Dux: Thank you for being an incredible soccer coach these past four years! I learned so much from you and have become a much better player as a result.

Slatts: Thank you for always checking in on me and always being there for me to rant to whenever I needed. You have always encouraged me and I’m so grateful for your support. 

Mr.Peabody: Thank you for being a great advisor these past four years! I really appreciate all of your support.

E-chieh: You are a wonderful photography teacher and after your classes I loved photography even more. Thank you for pushing me to join facilitators!

Mr.Marshall: You are an amazing teacher and I’m so thankful I was able to take Current Events. It was by far my favorite class in high school.

Ms.Tello: Thank you for being such a great Spanish teacher through middle and high school. Your classes are the main reason I love Spanish.

Ms. McGrath: Although you were my teacher for only one year, I learned so much from you and Colombia wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Mary Donner: I leave you the inability to stop talking, but I think we’re both pretty set already. Thank you for fueling my coffee addiction and always being there for me to rant to. I wouldn’t have made it through this year without you.

 Eliza Cook: I leave you my fashion sense (Although I don’t think you’ll need it). You are one of the most hardworking people I have ever met and you’re going to do amazing things in the future! Thank you for helping me survive so many English classes.

 Jane Scroggs: I leave you the UPVGS corner kicks. You are such a sweet and positive person and I’m so thankful I got to be your teammate! Please beat SAAS for me and I’ll miss you so much next year.

Lindsey Walters: I leave you leading the UPVGT warm up. You are such an incredible tennis player and person! Next year won’t be the same without our daily tennis chats.

 Abby Headstrom: I leave you the center back position. You are such a strong soccer player and an amazing teammate. I’ll miss our first half handshakes and of course our second half handshakes so much next year! 

Darta Sipola: I leave you green grapes. You are an amazing teammate and so supportive and positive. I’m sad we couldn’t get one more season together and I’ll miss you next year!

June Oto 

Emily Schorr-Lesnick, E-Chieh, Jill: Thank you for always being there for me whenever I needed someone to talk. Thank you for creating a place where I feel safe, validated and respected. Thank you especially for providing a place for current students who struggle to find a place where they belong, like I did in the past, and for working to continue to provide that space for future students.

Dave Marshall: Thank you for being my advisor these past four years and making sure to check in with me, whether it was about school work, personal problems or mental health.

Mikalya Patella-Buckley: Thank you for helping me discover a subject I’m passionate about and for being willing to help me further cultivate that passion.

Diversity & Community Office Underclassmen: Thank you guys for always creating a safe and happy environment for everyone who comes through the D&C Office and for always being ready with a joke or story to make anyone laugh. Just continue to do what you guys do best and lookout for any future student who is looking for a place to belong.

Shylynn: Shy, thank you for being so chill and ready to listen to me ramble on about random things. Thank you for being willing to stop and talk anytime I see you in the hallways and I hope you keep kicking butt in basketball and Ultimate. 

Jenny and Jensen: I want to thank you both for always being ready to laugh with me about literally anything. Thank you Jenny for sharing your amazing music with me and I hope you continue that passion of yours. Thank you Jensen for always being ready to either share memes with me or to panic about our Advanced Topics in Chemistry Class.

Sharon: You are one of the funniest people I have ever met and I hope you keep doing you. Thank you for always being prepared with a snack at hand and for being down to wander the halls with me. Thank you for helping me in Spanish and for always being ready to join me in my rantings.