Photo: Martin Lopez

Person cooking food in a skillet. (Martin Lopez/Pexels)

A Pinch of Sugar

I might not be the first to the craze, but it is rare that more than 24 hours go by between the time a new Bon Appétit video is posted and the time that I watch it. The invariably hilarious cast of characters — from Claire, ever-obsessed with remaking commercially manufactured treats, to Chris, the super taster — provides a moment of zen amid the uncertainty of these times. Whether it’s  a how-to video on creating gourmet Snickers or a recipe requiring only those few remaining ingredients in your pantry, Bon Appétit has your quarantine cooking and entertainment needs covered.


Shows I Have Been Watching: “Scandal,” “Gilmore Girls,” “The West Wing”

What I Have Done for Exercise: Peloton

What I Have Done to Maintain Sanity: Google Calendar’d my life to a degree no senior in their second semester should ever

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