Photo: Wally Bargeron

Wally Bargeron Juggling


Oh, man. What a heart-wrenching show. There are intense plots within each episode — for instance, a terrorist has suddenly gotten ahold of nuclear codes, and, somehow, it’s up to three spies in Burbank to save the day. And while the single stories may be gripping, the plots that extend over the course of entire seasons are what keep you really engaged. So, watch this show if you want to be solidly entertained for 2-3 weeks…as far as TV shows go, this one is a real page turner.


Shows I Have Been Watching: “Chuck,” “The Office,” “Salvation”

What I Have Done for Exercise: Playing basketball at the park, doing the weight training initiatives like 50 push-ups a day in April

What I Have Done to Maintain Sanity: I’ve cooked like a lot of food, but then I ran out of flour, but then I ordered a 50lb bag of flour, but then it’s taking two weeks to come to my house, so I’ve been unexpectedly gluten free until the flour gets here

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