Photo: Travis Saylor

A photo of Pike Place Market in Seattle (Travis Saylor/Pexels)

CW’s “All American”

Since the CW’s “All American” was released just in time for quarantine to start, it quickly became my favorite most binge-able show on Netflix. Highlighting a football player stuck in between his home, the L.A. “hood,” and Beverly Hills, its combination of sports, high school drama, social justice and a beautiful cast is perfect. There are two seasons and the episodes are 40 minutes, making the show last for plenty of quarantine. With masses of extra time, “All American” on Netflix is a must-watch during quarantine.


Shows I Have Been Watching: “All American,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Too Hot to Handle”

What I Have Done for Exercise: Running, playing soccer, trying to dodge people while out on walks

What I Have Done to Maintain Sanity: Knowing that at least I don’t have TikTok

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