Photo: Olivia Poolos

Olivia Poolos shows her crocheted blanket.


If you feel lazy and unproductive while watching endless movies or TV shows, I’ve got a solution for you. Crocheting! Learning to crochet is pretty easy with a couple of YouTube videos, and pretty soon you will find yourself able to multitask. Try crocheting while watching a Netflix show or talking to a friend over FaceTime, making you feel productive even while vegging out. Compared to knitting, crocheting is a faster and more versatile way to make blankets, hats or even clothing. During quarantine, I’ve crocheted a tank top (for summer) and expanded a huge, colorful blanket. I’ve found that the receptive motion of stitching is almost meditative.


Shows I Have Been Watching: “Chef’s Table,” “Cheer,” “Tiger King”

What I Have Done for Exercise: Running! Trying for a solo half-marathon in a couple weeks

What I Have Done to Maintain Sanity: Lots of Zoom and Netflix Party. Texting and FaceTime has increased too.

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