What to Do During Quarantine

A list of recommendations from our staff for how to spend your lockdown

For the past ten weeks, University Prep students and staff have been forced to continue their daily lives online, utilizing the group conferencing app, Zoom, as an almost sole means of communication.

Seeing an increased number of COVID-19 cases in Washington, Jay Inslee signed a “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order on March 23, forcing the staff of The Puma Press into social distancing along with the rest of most of the country. With the extra time indoors, we have been watching more TV shows, pursuing new hobbies, playing more games, finding new exercise routines and exploring an abundance of other time-consuming activities. We have compiled these activities to create a list of recommendations for the rest of the UPrep community. 

We also recognize that many of us on The Puma Press staff and at UPrep are not as affected by this outbreak as others in our broader community. In light of this, have also listed a few of the things we have been doing to give back to our communities and help those who are most in need — while still complying with social distancing guidelines. We hope that everyone at UPrep stays safe and finds ways to pass the time.

Breaking the Spell of Boredom
Thinking Outside the Bach
Socially Distanced House Parties
A Pinch of Sugar
Christopher Walk[ing]
Together in “Community”
CW’s “All American”

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