Linda Smith Retires After 19 years


Photo: Julia Cappio

Front Office Coordinator Linda Smith smiles at her retirement party thrown by UPrep Faculty Members.

Front Office Coordinator Linda Smith retired on Feb. 19 after 20 years at University Prep. 

Smith was one of the longest-employed members of the UPrep faculty at the time of her retirement. Over her time at the school, she’s seen many changes. 

“When I came to UPrep, I used to type in the grades on the transcripts. So it wasn’t on the computer, it was up to me to get it right,” Smith said.

She also saw the school increase from 432 students to 601.

Senior Julian Madrid remembers how Smith encouraged humorous late slips whenever he wasn’t on time.

 “I was late, and she would always let me make up whatever excuse to the teachers. I would just say “Oh, I lost track of time,” and she would ask ‘Is that what you want to write?’ and I would say “Write like I was pooping or something,’” Madrid said. 

Over her time at UPrep, Smith saw many great excuses given for being late. 

“‘Dog wouldn’t pee.’ ‘Mom overslept.’ ‘Bad hair day.’ We just kind of laugh when a student comes in and their hair is just everywhere. [Then] they write overslept,” Smith said. “If only we could just take a snapshot and put it on the report.” 

Following the announcement of Smith’s retirement, Madrid remembered Smith’s personality. 

“She was really kind. Without fail, she always brought a smile and positivity,” Madrid said.

Smith remembers her time at UPrep fondly.

 “I have enjoyed working here, and, like I said, the people are my favorite. When I come to work, if I’ve got bad news, there are people here who are empathetic, compassionate. When I have good news, people are happy for me, and that feels good,” Smith said. 

Smith is looking forward to spending more time with her grandkids, volunteering at her church and not getting up at 5:30 a.m.

“I spent the first 20 years being a kid. Second 20 years raising kids. Third 20 years, raising other people’s kids. Now it’s time for me to go spend time with my grandkids,” Smith said.