Candy, Costumes, and a Presidential Coup


Photo: Nathan Burke

Sophomore Kalid Alobaidi competes in “Vampire Teeth” during the Halloween assembly. Contestants had to transport marhmallows to a tarp by carrying them with toy vampire teeth.

The Halloween assembly has returned to UPrep. Grades competed against one another in a variety of Halloween-related competitions to earn points. The winner of the competition was the senior class, who came out victorious in the group costume contest and the pumpkin carving contest, among others. 

Each grade had one or two student representatives competing for each event. Competitions included “Candy in a Bucket,” “Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest,” “Know Your Puma,” and “Hungry Hungry Monster.” Some students, wanting to give their all, entered more than one event. Senior Remy Talbot competed in both the donut on a string and the pie-eating contest. Though the challenge was physically taxing, Talbot found motivation from the support of his class.

“Though doing both back-to-back was an unexpected task for my digestive system, I did what needed to be done with the whole grade backing me,” he said.

While these two classic events returned from the previous Halloween assemblies, new events such as the “Vampire Teeth” were introduced. In the competition, contestants wore toy vampire teeth, which they used to bite and spit as many marshmallows as possible onto a tarp. Sophomore Kalid Alobaidi participated in this competition.

“It was extremely hard to carry the marshmallows due to the vampire teeth getting shut tight midway through the competition,” said Alobaidi. “At that point, I just decided to use my lips.”

Seniors put extra care into the planning of the assembly so that they could have a memorable October for their final year at UPrep. President Michael Gary, vice president Daran Anand and the senior class performed a skit during the group costume competition. In the skit, Anand planned to overthrow Gary.

“Overall, it was really fun to plan it all out with the senior class and make the videos,” Anand said.

“I tried to emulate a villain petting his cat by petting one of my chickens, but the chicken kept freaking out, and I got pecked.”