Bouncing to Break a Sweat

This reporter tries a bungee fitness class


Photo: Anna Inghram

The class practices the “star jump” move, where one is completely suspended above the ground by the bungee cord.

Walking in the door to the Coreo Fitness studio, I immediately spotted the bungee cords hanging from the ceiling. My inner five-year-old was thrilled. 

Located near Seattle Center, Coreo Fitness offers three bungee fitness classes, which vary in levels of intensity. I signed up for the beginner’s Bungee Fit class, which took place at 8:30 a.m. one Saturday morning. 

As soon as I walked into the brightly-lit studio, an enthusiastic instructor led me to a spot in front of a black cord hanging from the ceiling then bounced off to assist everyone else. She gave instructions muffled by the blaring early 2010s pop hits (Flo Rida, anyone?)  I was clearly the youngest in the room — probably because most high schoolers are sleeping off their Friday nights rather than hanging from bungees at that hour. There was only one man, clearly a semi-reluctant boyfriend dragged along.

Before we connected to the bungees, the instructor started by leading us through a warm-up consisting of jogging in place, squats and mountain climbers. By the end of the warm-up, I was fully awake and regretting my last-minute decision to leave my water bottle at home.

As the old saying goes, You haven’t truly lived if you haven’t done a bungee routine to Ke$ha’s famous hit, Tik Tok.”

At that point, we climbed into thick biker shorts before instructors harnessed us to the bungee. As unattractive as the shorts were, I was grateful for the extra padding when the harness straps began to dig into my thighs. 

We began a brief strength workout that played with the bungee’s resistance, as it was more difficult to squat down than jump back up. We practiced “running” which felt like jogging through water. 

My favorite part, however, was when we “flew” by running forward and throwing our body weight up, becoming briefly suspended by the cord. Luckily for me, this exercise lasted the better part of the hour, as the instructor led us in simple choreographed routines to more 2010 hits (Black-Eyed Peas, anyone?).

“Run for two, leap for two, step-together-jump!” the instructor called. 

We flung ourselves like spring-loaded gazelles around the room again and again, guided by the ever-peppy instructor.

We finished class with tricep and bicep dips while holding onto the cord, which is more difficult than it sounds. By the end, though I was sweating, I didn’t feel particularly exhausted — possibly because it was only a beginner class. 

In fact, I considered the most challenging part of the experience to be peeling off the sweaty bike shorts after class. 

For $17 for the first class, however, I would highly recommend at least one go at bungee fitness. Because, as the old saying goes, you haven’t truly lived if you haven’t done a bungee routine to Ke$ha’s famous hit, “Tik Tok.”