S(no)w Day


Photo: Rebecca Moe

The University Prep campus and main building remained covered in snow during the six-day break students recieved due to snow-closures. The snow caused anxiety in UPrep students as work continued to add up.

University Prep students missed six days of school due to heavy snowfall in the greater Seattle area beginning Monday, Feb. 4. 

“The first two [days] were very pleasant because it was nice to have a small break, but then as work started piling up, I became more anxious because we had tests due on the days we were going to get back,” junior Sasha Lees said. 

It wasn’t only the students who were concerned about missed class time.

 “I am really worried about [core classes] and how their students will be impacted because that could have ripple effects way down the line,” Associate Director of Upper School Sarah Peterson said. 

“It was nice to have a small break, but then as work started piling up, I became more anxious.””

— Junior Sasha Lees

UPrep does not plan to make up the missed class time. Peterson added that the administration met over mid-winter break to discuss possible plans to add more in-class hours, but  “ultimately that was scrapped for a variety of reasons that I think are good reasons.”  

Peterson would like to clarify that she is not worried about UPrep missing state requirements and that “the student experience is central in how we manage whatever is going to happen.”

Despite the stresses of school, some students were able to enjoy the days off. Senior A.J. Rossbach took precautions to make sure she was able to socialize during the snow days. 

“I talked some of my friends into coming over to my house before it started snowing so they would be snowed in with me,” Rossbach said.

“Most teachers had similar experiences to studestudents” said Peterson.