Basketball Recap


Photo: Photo: William Turner

Senior Neamin Amare dribbling on the basketball court. Amare was an important member of the boy's varsity team during the winter season.

By Ian Lee, Reporter

Girls Basketball

The girl’s basketball teams made a strong effort this year, even with neither of them breaking an even win-loss record.

The varsity team made it to the bi-district tournament, where they were knocked out by a substantial loss to Kings. However, they did quite well in the league.

“We finished fourth in the league, so I think we did pretty well. We won all the games we needed to win,” senior Maggie Scroggs said. Scroggs was one of the captains of the varsity team this year.

The varsity team improved as the season went on according to Scroggs.

“It was a little rocky at the start, but I think we definitely came together as a team,” Scroggs said.

Being on the varsity team was a positive experience for Scroggs.

“I love being on the team. Spending two hours a day with a great group is always something that I’m happy to do,” Scroggs said.

Despite playing significantly fewer games than the varsity team, JV was able to have a strong season as well.

“We had a new coach this season, Ms. Robertson. It was different, but we got better as a team over the entire season,” junior Rihan Delora. “Overall, I think we did pretty good.”

The JV team had some memorable moments from their season. “A highlight was when Hibak [Hassan] scored the game-winning free throw against Northwest,” said Delora.

With strong seasons from both the JV and varsity teams, the girl’s basketball teams should be proud of their successes.

Boys Basketball

This year was mixed for the boy’s basketball teams. No team had a positive win-loss record, with the varsity team being farthest from it. However, none of the teams didn’t let that represent their entire seasons.

The varsity team had a loss streak in early to mid-January after an equal win-loss record in December.

On the varsity team, senior Neamin Amare remarked on how the team rose to the occasion.

“We started off not so good, though we improved a lot in our more later games, so we went into the playoffs strong,” he said.

They also didn’t let their earlier struggles shape how the team turned out to be.

“I liked the direction the team has gone in, and we ended up in tip-top shape. A lot of us were friends already outside of basketball, so we had fun,” Amare said.

The JV team had an equal win-loss record overall during their season, while the JVC team had a close but not equal win-loss record.

The JVC team is primarily composed of new basketball players or those with little experience in the sport. However, they didn’t let that get in the way of their season.

“I think our team wasn’t good to begin with, but I’d say there was growth over the season, so I thought we did pretty well,” said freshman Gedi Weidig. “By the end of the season we started winning more games. We had the full team communication.”

Even with the struggles that the boy’s teams went through in their seasons they should all be proud of their accomplishments.