Music Day Amuses

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This year’s Music Day was pretty bare bones with only four musical acts. Yet, each of the acts was something to behold, giving traction to the saying “quality over quality.”  

Senior Emily Pan’s complex piano performance wowed the crowd, showing music is a true art form.

Seniors Avalon Hester and Thomas Neilsen in their separate acts gave powerful vocal performances accompanied by talented University Prep student musicians.

Closing the show was a stunning rendition of Paradise City by rock band Guns and Roses performed by senior Keenan Van Deusen, who took the role of lead guitarist Slash, and UPrep staff, including English Teacher Alex Duxbury, who took the role of vocalist Axl Rose. Both Duxbury and Van Deusen dressed respectively to their roles.

“It’s not as good as CenturyLink field could be, but it was still pretty solid,” Van Deusen said when asked about how his music day performance.