Volleyballin’ On The Courts


The captains of the varsity volleyball team explain their roles and goals

Every year you hear about the Super Bowl, usually the biggest and most anticipated football game of the year. Or you’ll be seeing the headlines about the World Cup and which player scored that awesome last minute goal. But have your heard about the volleyball world championships? Or the Seaside beach volleyball tournaments which have thousands of teams compete for $26,000?

These events are something captains of the varsity volleyball team, seniors Blythe Eickerman and Lauren Braun strive towards. This year, the captains are excited to bring their team’s best to the court. With the help of their coaches Dylan and Drew, they have been improving steadily every practice. Coach Dylan has been working the players hard, pushing them to the max to get them ready for their games. On the other hand, coach Drew has been more chill during the practices. “I’m more used to our main coach Dylan, but, I also really enjoy having Drew to mellow and balance Dylan out,” Eickerman said.  

So far the team’s outlook on the season is positive. Their coaches really believe that they can win the league title. But, challenges are still in view, Eickerman said, “Our main concern is Northwest and making sure that we play at our highest level.”

The coaches have been pushing them to perform at their best so they can beat teams like Northwest and hopefully win the league. When asked about how their team prepares for their big games, Braun said, “Shakirah leads us in a super loud cheer that we huddle up and perform before every game, and we also have a few other cheers for aces, blocks, and kills.” Hyping the team up is certainly an important part of every game to get the players in the right mindset to work hard in the game.

As captains, Eickerman and Braun have an important role. Not only are they in charge of logistical matters on the team, but “We also have the responsibility to keep everybody positive, keep them working hard, give feedback and be there if they need us.” Eickerman said.

Keeping everyone positive is just as important as working hard during practices, and playing in a good mood is critical to success on the court. As captains, they give advice, comfort and leadership for the team.

By James Garvey