Meeting New People At School


The majority of the students going into the Upper School here at U Prep have already gone through the Middle School here too. However those who came from other schools can have a more difficult experience trying to fit in. Being one of those new students I have some insight that could be used to help any new members of the school now or in the future.

 One great way to get to know other students is through school sports. I was a member of the Junior Varsity Ultimate Frisbee team. I ended getting to know some of my fellow classmates a whole week before school started. I then continued to get to know them and make friends over the course of the fall sports season.

Another thing that I found useful was to take classes that would have members from a variety of grades in it. Your language class such as French or Spanish might have those people and fine arts or PE classes will have those people guaranteed. It is nice to know people from a variety of grades because you can get advice from them. For example, I am in journalism and have gotten helpful advice from the older students in the class, and have become friends with people    normally would not have classes with.

This would mainly be targeted to those new U Prep students, though this advice could be used for any new students who are trying to fit in at new schools.

Not surprisingly being at a new student at U Prep is not as hard as it could be. This is mainly due to U Prep’s very inclusive community and

how friendly and inviting the students are. To anyone who is trying to fit in at a new school don’t worry. It is not as hard as it seems and it is quite a simple thing to do. Just have the courage to talk to people.

By Ian Lee